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Quizee Kids app review: teach kids how to answer multiple choice questions



Quizee Kids is an iPad and iPhone app that helps kids learn how to answer multiple choice questions. There are five categories: Your Harry Potter, Little Scientist, Fruits and Vegetables, Kidzee Fun, and Wiz Kid.

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Quizee Kids


Learn How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Learning how to answer multiple choice questions is an important skill in today’s education system, and Quizee Kids will help with that. Your child is presented with a question and four answers to select from. All they have to do it read the question, and tap the correct one. There are 15 questions per set, and you simply go through the sets to test your knowledge.

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I tried the Your Harry Potter set, and the questions are fairly difficult. I appreciate that they challenge the students to remember the spells, and a variety of other questions such as house heads and colors.

Category selections
Category selections

Fun Learning

There are more than just fun quizzes here. There are also educational quizzes in the Little Scientist, Fruits and Vegetables, and other categories. I appreciate that the game is both fun and educational.

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As a teacher, I am always looking for games to play that will help my students learn. Teaching them how to answer multiple choice questions in grades seven and eight to prepare them for high school is just part of learning. There is constant pressure to teach this so that they can do what comes next, and whether or not they end up needing it or not completely depends on what lays in their career future, and educational future. Not all things taught are needed, but multiple choice is everywhere from your driver’s license tests to applying for jobs online.

Question example
Question example

Quizee Kids


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Teaches kids how to do multiple choice questions
  • Fun to play while being educational
  • Many topics to choose from


  • A lot of ads

Round complete
Round complete

Final Thoughts

Quizee Kids is an iPod and iPhone app to help you teach students how to answer multiple choice questions. As discussed above, multiple choice questions are prevalent all through education, employment, and even into daily life such as getting your driver’s license. The game has five categories of a variety of topics. Teaching kids should be fun for everyone, because when you’re having fun, learning comes naturally. I love that there are so many educational games coming out so that you can either play them on a class set of iPads, or get the kids to download them to their iPods. Many kids have these devices now, so asking them to be ready to use them for school isn’t unheard of. Overall, this is a fun game to play, and other than the constant barrage of ads that eat up the time to answer the quiz questions, the game is well-put-together, and asks relevant questions to the topics selected.


Quizee Kids

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