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New York Free WiFi app review: stay connected in the Big Apple



If you’re considering visiting New York anytime soon then be sure to keep New York Free WiFi handy on your iPhone and iPad so that you can easily get online without having to shell out for extortionate roaming fees.

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The developer of this app certainly doesn’t win any points for the way they’ve presented the content in this app because the generic interface is a bit of an eyesore!

Even so, I think you’ll find New York Free WiFi to be a trusty and reliable resource that will help you to ensure you don’t get caught offline.

New York Free WiFi


GPS Integration

While you’re traveling in New York you’ll probably notice that there are cafes left, right, and center, so just about everywhere you look you should be able to find a local establishment that is offering free Wi-Fi.

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On the other hand, if you’re not so lucky or you find yourself in a more obscure neighborhood then you’ll definitely be able to make good use of this app as it uses your  device’s integrated GPS to help find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

Find Wi-Fi in New York
Find Wi-Fi in New York

Say 'No' to Roaming Fees

Using New York Free WiFi is a great way of minimizing the amount of time you spend using your cell provider’s data plan so that you can avoid having to pay roaming fees, and it is usable without an Internet connection thanks to offline caching.

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This app comes with a built-in search function that you can use to find a Wi-Fi hotspot from the database that is included, and all of the results listed are sorted based on their distance from your current location.

Lists of hotspots
Lists of hotspots

New York Free WiFi


Pros & Cons


  • Easily find Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling in New York
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to quickly locate Wi-Fi hotspots close by
  • Provides an effective way of avoiding excessive roaming fees while traveling overseas
  • Use the integrated search facility to scour the database of listed hotspots
  • Completely usable without an Internet connection thanks to offline caching
  • Also includes a subway map and the ability to search for hotspots by their vicinity to subway stations


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Map directions
Map directions

Final Words

I would definitely recommend downloading New York Free WiFi for iPhone and iPad if you’re going to spend any amount of time in New York because it will definitely save you from having to frantically ask around in local cafes. 


New York Free WiFi

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