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MegaPost app review: get your message across



MegaPost is an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to create billboard like messages for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are five font options, 12 color options, and you can align your message to the left or center.

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Easy to Use

MegaPost is easy to use. Just type out your short message and hit your posting option. On my 5c the Facebook and Twitter options froze the app, but I could post to Instagram, message, or email no problem. Since I could save the message from there, posting to Facebook or Twitter could easily be done with a few extra clicks.

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I don’t have a character count, and you can’t adjust the font size or vertical alignment, but the message pops on the color schemes when you post it. If you have a big announcement like an upcoming birth, anniversary, admission to that great school, or a new job, then this app will help you create a message that pops for your post.

Setting up a post with color options
Setting up a post with color options

Get the Message Out

When you have a message to get across, MegaPost will help you. Sometimes pictures in memes can be distracting, and this app will help you avoid that problem by using only a solid background and a word message that pops. The app has three posting options, but on my 5c only two work. The Instagram opens your post in the Instagram app so that you can add filters, description, tags, and so on if you’d like.

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The Other option has message, mail, and other options. This means that if you have a message you need to send directly to your team such as ‘5 days until the big project is due,’ then you can send it directly to specific contacts. This gives the app not only social media use, but also the ability to communicate directly with specific contacts.

Different fonts
Different fonts



Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • 12 color schemes
  • Five fonts
  • Two horizontal layouts of left align or center
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mail, or message


  • Freezes when posting to Facebook or Twitter on my 5c
  • No vertical alignment option to center the message on the colored background

Sharing options
Sharing options

Final Thoughts

MegaPost is a useful app for iPhone and iPad that helps you post your important messages to social media or a group of people. The app has 12 color schemes to help you get your message across without the distracting pictures some memes may have in the background. This colored block text will get your message across with a bang, and if you can’t get the app to post to Facebook or Twitter, you can always send it to yourself, save, and get around the problem that way with just a couple more clicks.



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