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Mix It Up! app review: color mixing and geometry in one



Mix It Up! is an app for iPhone and iPad that requires you to mix colors as they fall from various reservoirs down through the rocks. There are wooden planks that you must slice to get the liquid to fall just so, and while you may want to tilt your device to move the liquid, it won’t help.

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Mix It Up!


Color Mixing and Angles

Mix It Up! requires you to mix colors. There are color coded reservoirs that you must get the liquid into to mix, but also some that must be pure. For example, the game has a reservoir at the bottom of only red, but one in the middle for purple, or one in the middle for only cyan, but at the bottom for chartreuse.

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This game requires problem solving, and the only measure of score is whether or not you will be permitted to go to the next level. You have to mix the colors satisfactorily, and bounce the liquid off of the various rock sides and wooden planks to get it down to the correct reservoir. Some levels don’t have a bottom, so your liquid can all run away. This makes the level extra challenging. There are also some levels with geysers that blow the liquid back up to the top, so be ready!

Color Mixing and Angles image


Mix It Up! doesn’t have any glitches that I’ve found, but it does have quirks. For example, some levels the liquid starts to fall down before you are ready to capture it. If you don’t act quickly then all the liquid is gone before you move. Luckily there is a reset button, and you aren’t penalized for using it. I watched some levels a few times before getting right into solving the level.

There are 20 levels for you to conquer. I say conquer, because when you get higher up, achieving the level feels like you’ve won the world. Then you have to solve an even more difficult level. I like this game because you have to use your mind to solve the problem. There in inventiveness in it and it keeps you thinking. It would be a good game for using during play time or free time at school.

Quirks image

Mix It Up!


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Strategy
  • Color mixing theory
  • Geometry in the angles of the rocks and planks
  • Problem solving


  • I’d like to be able to tilt the device to pour the liquid

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Mix It Up! is an iPad and iPhone game that has strategy, color mixing theory, geometry, and problem solving all wrapped into one game where there is no score, only level pass or fail. There are 20 levels of fun, and I really enjoyed the straightforwardness of the game. There's no guessing how many points you’ll lose for not mixing enough red with blue, or for losing liquid down the pit. You know that you get a pass or fail, and move on. There’s also no penalty for resetting the levels. Those with learning challenges will appreciate this.

Mix It Up!

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