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Binaural Beats Masters Collection app review: put your mind in the wave length you need



Binaural Beats Master Collection is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you with almost anything. Options include Sleep, Energy, Meditation, Creativity, or Headache and each has three sub-options.

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Binaural Beats Master Collection


The Theory

Binaural Beats Master Collection uses the premise that binaural beats have been scientifically tested to alter the frequency at which your mind works. If you listen to the sleep inducing beat your mind will slow down and move into a productive sleep pattern, or if you listen to the energy boost track you will wake up and be ready to keep going.

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Each track is between four and 30 minutes in length, and the length varies on how long it will take your mind to settle into the desired pattern. For example, the general sleep induction track is 20 minutes long. Studies have shown for a long time that this is the amount of time it usually takes a mind to settle and drift off to sleep. If you are especially stressed, you can try the 30 minute high stress to deep sleep track. Or, if you just need a quick power nap, then that will be the best one to give a try with only a 10 minute track.

In Practice

I haven’t had the right situation to test out the sleep tracks, and this is why I downloaded the app. I cosleep with my youngest child, so I don’t want to induce sleep in myself before she is asleep. In theory, the harmless tracks will work on any age, so it could help her as well, and I will be trying this out as she is more ready to sleep on her own.

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I have used meditative tracks for my older children, and both fall asleep well to their tracks. My son uses audiobooks at this point, but my older daughter has used a gently hypnosis CD with great success. She was having an especially difficult time the other night, and 10 minutes after I turned on her tracks she was asleep. That CD uses the same theory that this app does, so I am confident that it will help.

Once you select your track, you can adjust the recommended track time. For example, as mentioned above, the General Sleep Induction is 20 minutes long, but you can adjust it from one minute right up to 60 minutes if you require a longer track. This will help me as I tend to have a wandering mind that takes longer to settle.

Binaural Beats Master Collection


Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive at $0.99
  • 15 different tracks
  • Sleep: General Sleep Induction, Power Nap, High Stress to Deep Sleep
  • Energy: Quick Energy Boost, Raw Energy Boost, Morning Wake up Energy
  • Meditation: Quick Meditation, Deep Meditation Induction, High Stress to Deep Meditation
  • Creativity: Quick Creativity Boost, Deep Creativity Session, High Stress to Creative Mind
  • Headache: Quick Headache Fix, Deep Headache Treatment, High Stress Headache Relief
  • Each track has adjustable time from recommended down to one minute and up to one hour


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Binaural Beats Master Collection is an iPhone app to help you drift off to sleep, get that energy boost to get through the day, have a productive meditation session, achieve your creative goals, or ease your headache. These tracks have been scientifically studied, and this app lays out the tracks in an easy to use way. Overall, the app is well developed, the sounds are nice and crisp, and I would suggest any insomniac give it a try.

Binaural Beats Master Collection

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