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Lick of the Day app review: discover your inner guitarist



There's nothing to hold you back from discovering your inner guitarist thanks to this app. In the Lick of the Day app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone you'll be able to learn to play jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, rock, acoustic, R&B, and more. There are more than 50 courses and over 1,200 lessons. This app offers users a way to learn on their own schedule, at their own pace, and with the music that they find appealing and interesting.

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Lick of the Day


A Musical Experience

From the moment you launch the Lick of the Day app you're in for a musical experience that delivers more than 50 courses and over 1,200 lessons in a variety of music genres such as country, jazz, R&B, acoustic, and so many more. The app can even be used by beginners thanks to the in-depth lessons that are delivered by a skilled instructor in the form of a 60- to 90-minute long video. Each of the “Lick Packs” features 12 to 25 lick video lessons and they also include backing tracks, text narrative, and matching interactive tab/notation. The way most of the packs work is that you are given two volumes per genre. Once you finish the first volume you move on to the second, which is meant to build upon all the technique and concept discussed in the first one.

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The app is free to use and there are some free Licks available; however, you'll need purchase the Lick Packs. These are all priced at $4.99 each. The app hasn't been updated in quite some time with its last one addressing some minor bugs. Users have given it three out of five stars which leaves room for improvement.

Follow the video instructions
Follow the video instructions

Time to Learn

When using the Lick of the Day app you'll be able to make use of the dual instructional modes. This means your odds of success are that much higher. There is practice mode in which you'll be able to control the tempo of the interactive tablature playback you also get to access the backing track. In instructor mode you'll be watching the video and following along with it. There is synced music or tab notation as well as a fretboard that shows you what notes are being played by the instructor.

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There has been a lot of attention paid to the audio quality of the app so that you feel as though you're getting a realistic experience. The user interface could do with some more attention and refinement.

Lick packs can get expensive
Lick packs can get expensive

Lick of the Day


Pros and Cons


  • The app makes it possible to learn and practice the guitar on your own schedule and at your pace
  • There are two different user modes
  • The app offers realistic sounds
  • The video instructions are quite in-depth


  • The content/lessons can get pretty expensive depending on how many you buy
  • The user interface isn’t engaging or exciting

Lick Pack details
Lick Pack details

Final Thoughts

The Lick of the Day app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone falls a bit short. It’s got some decent tools, the sound quality is good, but yet it still fails to impress and leave users wanting to come back for more.


Lick of the Day

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