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Child Feeding Guide app review: profile your child’s eating habits



If you’re having difficulties getting your children (and yourself) to eat healthy foods on a consistent basis then you’ll definitely want to download Child Feeding Guide onto your iPhone and iPad for some much-needed guidance.

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It’s shocking to see how many parents neglect to give their children proper nutrition, and once the bad habits are set it can be difficult to undo them. Thankfully this app should take you a few steps in the right direction.

Child Feeding Guide


Get Your Kids Eating Well

What we have here is an absolutely fantastic addition to the Health & Fitness category of the App Store that gives you a feeding assessment questionnaire you can fill in to ensure that you and your children are eating well.

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This app provides an intelligent behavior-based approach to improving your relationship with food, helping you to stop using food as a reward for your children so that you can find alternative methods.

Expose Them to Healthy Options

You can set up individual profiles for each of your children within Child Feeding Guide, and from there you’ll be able to access a range of hints and tips based on the difficulties that parents most commonly face at mealtime.

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The Exposure Monitor is a very useful tool as it provides you with guidance with regards to consistently trying unpopular foods with your kids. They might not like broccoli right now but if you keep offering it to them they will be far more likely to start eating it than if you choose French fries every time!

Help your child to eat well
Help your child to eat well

Child Feeding Guide


Pros & Cons


  • Access a feeding assessment questionnaire to ensure your children are eating well
  • Provides an intelligent behavior-based approach to improving your relationship with food
  • Set up individual profiles for yourself and multiple children
  • Input your perception of mealtimes for you and your children
  • Use the Exposure Monitor to ensure you keep trying unpopular foods with your children
  • Read hints and tips based on the difficulties that parents most commonly face at mealtime
  • Also includes advice to help you gradually increase the amount of healthy food your kids eat
  • Learn how to reward your children without using food as an incentive


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Child Feeding Guide is a great iPhone and iPad for parents across the globe, earning it a strong recommendation from me!


Child Feeding Guide

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