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Easy Writing Free app review: familiarize your child with letters, numbers, and shapes



If you have a child to whom you'd like to teach some basic literacy skills, then Easy Writing Free is an app that might be worth checking out on your iPad.

What we have here is an app that helps your child learn how to write alphabets, numbers, and make shapes on a clean, child-friendly user interface, that can be enjoyed either alone or along with a parent or guardian.

Let's take a look at its features.

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Easy Writing Free


User Interface

Easy Writing Free is an iPad-only app that can be found in the Education section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. It will download swiftly, taking up just 11 MB of space on your iPad.

The app's interface is simple and uncluttered, which will ensure distraction-free gameplay as your little one develops his or her skills.

The interface somewhat resembles a blackboard, giving it a nice look and feel.

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Basic literacy skills
Basic literacy skills

Categories and Colors

When you first launch the app, you'll be taken to a beautiful illustration of a rainbow-adorned scenery, with the Start option. You'll then be able to choose the category which you'd like your child to practice. These include the alphabet, both capitals and small, numbers, shapes, and colors.

After this choice is made, a new screen will open up with a solitary unit based on your choice. For instance, if you choose capital letters, your child will be presented with a tracing of the letter E and arrows showing how the letter can be created.

There are 10 colored pencils to choose from at the bottom of the screen.

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Beautiful and child-friendly user interface
Beautiful and child-friendly user interface

Easy Writing Free


Pros & Cons


  • Practice numbers, letters, and shapes in one app
  • Choose the category you'd like to practice
  • Tracings of single items from your chosen category
  • Choose from ten colors to write with
  • Child-friendly user interface


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Choose from many colored pencils
Choose from many colored pencils

Final Words

Easy Writing Free is a fantastic app for the iPad, which is sure to get your child developing basic writing skills in no time. Highly recommended!



Easy Writing Free

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