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OWA for iPhone app review: a companion app for Office 365 for business



OWA for iPhone is an iPhone and iPad app that optimizes your Office 365 business email experience. It allows you to organize your email with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, sort into Categories, and much more.

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OWA for iPhone


Optimize Your Experience

OWA for iPhone optimizes your email experience on your device if your business uses Office 365. The description specifies that you must have the most recent version of Office 365 for business to use the app, and immediately requires sign-in. Once you have signed in, the experience is very similar to that of Google’s mail app. You can view emails linked together into conversations, you can mark emails as junk, flag them for important reference later on, and also sort into categories. This enables you to search your email quickly, and browse the emails by folder including Outlook Favorites that you have set on your desktop computer at work.

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Access your schedule and add appointments
Access your schedule and add appointments

Manage Your Schedule

OWA for iPhone is able to utilize the email from Outlook on your desktop computer at work. Since the app accesses Outlook, it can also access your calendar, and therefore your schedule. The app is more than an email app, as it also allows you to access your schedule, modify appointments, schedule meetings with free and busy settings and even room finder. If you are sharing calendars at work for a project, you can also access these to keep your coworkers up to date.

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Microsoft has thought about your security. They have ensured that a remote wipe erases only your corporate data in OWA for iPhone so it is only on your desktop at work to be remotely accessed, while it keeps your personal data on your device only. It requires a password after the password. By this I mean that you first log in using your work email information, and then you create a log-in for the app itself. Without the second password, you can never get into the app to access the desktop information that you have linked to your device.

OWA for iPhone


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Secure
  • Allows you to access your desktop Office 365 for business with your device
  • Sorts with Conversation View, Marks as Junk, Flag, and Categorize
  • Search emails
  • Master your schedule including shared schedules


  • This is a great app that would be awesome to use with other Microsoft accounts; however, it is limited to Office 365 users

Final Thoughts

OWA for iPhone is an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to optimize your email and scheduling experience for Office 365 for business. If you are using this program at work, then this enables you to take your office on the road with your device so that you can make changes to your schedule, check your work email, and so much more. It is double-secure, and keeps your corporate data corporate, and personal data personal. The division is appreciated as there are always items on our devices that we would prefer to keep private, even if it’s as simple as sharing a biscuit with our dog. Overall, a well-developed app, but it would be nice to use it with other Microsoft accounts and not only the Office 365 software.


OWA for iPhone

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