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Fridge in your pocket.Lite app review: a whole new way to create a list 2021



Instead of settling for your average pantry list app here's one that looks different, feels different, and is filled with cool features.

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The Fridge in your pocket.Lite grocery app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will have you literally open a virtual fridge to start your shopping experience.

The fridge has a cool retro vibe going for it and there are even magnets on the door much like your fridge at home probably has.

For more details about this good shopping list app for iPhone, continue reading our Fridge in Your Pocket app review. 

Fridge in your pocket – Shopping list


Open the Door and Start Shopping

When you launch the app you are taken to the main screen which is actually the door of your fridge covered in magnets.

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Now what’s really cool is that these magnets are actually the different functions and tools in the app so they serve a purpose other than to look neat.

The app gives you the ability to create a shopping list, move and delete items, place items in your cart, and plenty more. You can edit the price of the foods and enter in the correct quantity so that you can quickly see your totals.

The app is free to use but there is an in-app purchase available that gives users additional features. This is available for $1.99.

Open the Door and Start Shopping image

The User Experience

The Fridge in your pocket.Lite app divides the food into a number of categories to make things easy for you. There are fruits, vegetables, milk, bakery, sausages, meat, seafood, frozen, sauces, pasta, preserves, cereals, tea and coffee, confectionery, snacks, beverages, and alcohol.

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There is a tutorial when you first launch the app that is meant to make the experience user-friendly but I find it’s still a bit confusing to use. This one definitely takes some exploring and learning, and there are probably some not willing to put in the time and effort.

It would be nice to see this changed and make things a bit more comprehensive. Additionally, despite the fact the developer has worked on the speed of the app it still moves along pretty slowly. The graphics are cute and fun, and the look of the app is uncluttered and attractive.

The User Experience image

Fridge in your pocket – Shopping list


Pros and Cons


  • The app features cute and fun graphics
  • You’ll be able to add items to your list, move them, and delete them
  • Items are placed in its proper category
  • Adjust the quantity and price of the items


  • The app performs rather slowly
  • Navigating through the app can be rather confusing

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Fridge in your pocket.Lite app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone feels like a good effort but could still do with some tweaking. This one could definitely be more user-friendly and self-explanatory in order to enhance the user experience.

Fridge in your pocket – Shopping list

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