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I Can Do It 2015 Calendar app review: daily affirmations to help you reach your goals



It's a well-known fact that most New Year's resolutions are abandoned within two weeks. I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you get back on track with your plans for 2015 so you can have a more successful year ahead.

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This app features a daily dose of positivity to the user in the form of affirmations that will help motivate and focus on the individual's goals.

You'll find this app in the Reference section of the App Store, where it can be purchased for $1.99.

Let's take a closer look at its content and features.

I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay


Content & User Interface

I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay takes up just 30.1 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. The affirmations contained within the app come from Louise L. Hay, who is the author of the international bestseller known as You Can Heal Your Life. She is a well-known lecturer and teacher and has been featured on Oprah among other renowned TV and radio shows.

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There are 365 affirmations that will help you find love, success, health, and overall well-being as you receive a new message each day to inspire and invigorate you to unlock your full potential. These thoughts are delivered to you on a beautiful user interface which is visually pleasing and easy to read, complete with custom artwork for added character.

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Other Features

If you missed a previous day's affirmation or you want to go back to a particular day's quote, then you can do so by entering the date. You can also swipe through the entries, both past and future.

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When you find an affirmation that you'd like to be reminded of constantly, you can save it on your camera roll, or set it as your iPhone or iPad's lock screen. If you happen to come across a quote that you want to share, you can send it via email from within the app.

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I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay


Pros & Cons


  • Affirmations from the bestselling author, Louise L. Hay
  • 365 positive thoughts and affirmations, one for each day of the year
  • Beautiful user interface with custom artwork
  • Swipe through the entire calendar
  • Search for an affirmation of a specific date
  • Set an affirmation as your wallpaper or email it


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay is a great way to become inspired and reach all your goals for 2015. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad and unlock your full potential!

I Can Do It 2015 Calendar - Louise Hay

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