The Last Supper signifies Jesus' last meal with his disciples before being crucified. If you believe in Jesus, want to know more about this event, or just enjoy Leonardo da Vinci's painting, then check out our list of the best Last Supper apps for your iPhone and iPad. 


The Last Supper in detail

Price: $9.99

For: iPhone and iPad

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting is one of the world's most famous paintings. If you want to see what all of the fuss is about, then this app is a recommended download for you! All “characters” in the painting are detailed in full, with many  of the commentaries juxtaposed against the social and political climate of this time!



The Last Supper - Virtual History

Price: $8.99

For: iPad

Who needs to go to the Louvre when you’ve got an app as detailed as this one? Plus, unlike the restrictions in those art galleries, you can literally touch da Vinci’s masterpiece to examine its minutest details including rotating it, if you wish! 



The Last Supper

Price: $9.99

For: iPhone and iPad

Of course, your artwork doesn’t get to be 600 years old and not be satire along the way! This film, in particular, uses the backdrop of the da Vinci painting to craft a plot about five lib students who were planning to murder their right-wing counterparts by way of, of course, dinner! This app also stars a very young Cameron Diaz, so this should add up to your film trivia knowledge!



Leonardo and the Last Supper

Price: $12.99

For: iPhone and iPad

da Vinci was a failed artist… until he was given another chance to prove himself by commissioning him with another painting. The story of how he completed the painting is as gripping as the influences which caused him to craft his masterpiece in the first place. 



Tecarta Bible Classic

Price: Free

What better way to learn about The Last Supper than by reading about it in the New Testament. All four of the Gospels detail the last events of Christ's life. This app will allow you to read different variations of the bible and commentaries. However, different variations have to be purchased as in-app purchases.