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Best Lock Security app review: lock screens to bolster your security



Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode is an app that contains plenty of images for the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. What sets this app apart from the hundreds of wallpaper apps in the App Store is that the images are designed to make your iDevice look like it has high-tech security implemented, ranging from fingerprint verification to passcode locks.

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This app can be found in the Lifestyle section of the App Store, where it can be purchased for 99 cents, reduced down from its original price of $1.99.

Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode


Dozens of Lock Screens

Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode is a lightweight app, taking up 9.7 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. It promises to give the illusion of added security using high-quality images.

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Nobody likes it when other people snoop around on their iPhone or iPad, and this app can help discourage people to be sneaky. This is a truly great selection of images that you can use to trick other people into believing that your iDevice needs verification for access, such as a lock code. My personal favorite is the one with a pretty deceptive fingerprint reader!

Save and Share

The custom designs on this app can fit on both iPhones and iPads perfectly, and can also be exported or shared with your friends and family.

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Just like many of the wallpaper apps available out there, this app is simply a collection of images. Photos can easily be pulled off the internet and used on your iOS device for free, However, if you're looking for an easy way to get some cool-looking wallpapers which you don't have to customize to fit your screen, this might be a better option. It's only 99 cents after all!

Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode


Pros & Cons


  • Cool-looking images of high-security software
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Share wallpapers with friends and family
  • Suitable for use on both iPhone and iPad


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode is an app full of cool wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad, so if you're looking for something like it, then this app is your answer.


Best Lock Security: Phone Passcode

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