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Drawing Box app review: a versatile painting tool for kids and adults 2021



Drawing Box iPhone app is an educational painting tool that focuses on usability, creativity, and portability. It is highly recommended by educators and parents as one of the most useful art applications for students and art teachers.

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Developed by the creative team of Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu, this kids app for painting is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or better. Drawing Box bagged the Silver Honor award in a global competition sponsored by Parent’s Choice.

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Drawing Box


The Ultimate Art Education Tool

At first glance, Drawing Box looks just like any other app in the drawing and painting tools niche. It has a minimalist canvas with simple user interface and lacks the virtual realism of other premium drawing apps.

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The developers revealed that they created the app to be as simple and as straightforward as possible so that users can focus more on what’s foremost in their minds: to learn how to draw and to create beautiful paintings.

Indeed, Drawing Box does not have the interactive icons and ultra-realistic menus of similar apps. But, behind its simplicity is a powerful set of features that you can never find in other drawing apps, bar none.

For starters, the application boasts of having the most extensive lists of drawing tools with many options for customization. It has a unique tool that creates special visual effects similar to the ones offered by vector-based desktop graphic software.

Most importantly, this drawing app has a built-in video recording function which you can use to create documentaries of your paintings.

With such powerful options, Drawing Box can be considered as one of the leading apps in art education category.

The Ultimate Art Education Tool  image

Best Features of Drawing Box

Drawing Box offers an extensive array of painting tools and implements. The most useful of these tools include 14 different pencil modes with custom options, nine paint brushes of varying sizes and weights, a handy smudge tool, six new painting rollers, and three different eraser styles.

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The app has two main palettes with 156 colors supported by additional eight color palettes that are widely popular among art circles.

To make your paintings or drawings more compelling, Drawing Box offers three-dimensional clay pens and 25 creativity pens. These tools will allow you to draw custom special effects for your drawings.

Apart from the special pens that create special effects, Drawing Box has a magic light effect feature that allows you to draw on a black canvas. The app has a unique list of decorative elements including 120 art patterns, 187 stickers, and the ability to import pictures so you can use them as stickers.

Best Features of Drawing Box image

Drawing Box


Pros and Cons


  • Useful list of customizable drawing tools
  • Color depth from 10 palettes
  • Special effects and deco art
  • Has text option
  • Can record video and import to MP4 format
  • Fully customizable canvas and backgrounds
  • Can export and import artworks
  • Responsive touch technology
  • Minimalist and simple
  • Symmetrical drawing
  • Unlimited undo and redo option


  • No layering option

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple drawing tool that offers powerful features, Drawing Box is best for you. This application has won accolades from educators and parents. It is a very useful painting app for art teachers, students, and design professionals.

Drawing Box

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