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Toonia Colorbook app review: color inside the lines 2021



Color inside the lines in this toonia colorbook app for iPhone and iPad that puts a coloring book right where you need it: in your pocket.

The best iPhone apps for toddlers

This kids coloring app is a great use for technology, because it allows your child to do what kids do and practice fine motor skills too.

Let's dive deeper into this offering in our coloring book app for iPhone review and see if it's the best iPhone coloring app for kids. 

Toonia Colorbook - Educational Coloring Game for Kids & Toddlers


Color Pictures on the Go

Toonia Colorbook allows your child to color pages while you’re out an about. Carrying a coloring book and crayons is not always the most convenient thing to do, and I’ve also had my share of crayons melt in my children’s bags.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Since I got my iPhone, my kids have been able to color, do educational games, and more. This is a great use of technology.

This coloring book has a variety of options such as space, magic, outdoors, home toys, and more that you can purchase for $1.99 each with 24 additional pictures.

What I love about digital coloring books is that you can save the image of your child’s proud work, but you can also then reset the image for them to color again, or for a sibling to color. This particular app also has a locked sharing feature.

Your child must swipe down on the share feature to unlock and email, rather than immediately accessing the share.

Color Pictures on the Go image

Unlock for Even More

As mentioned above, there are many additional books to unlock. Each book has 24 additional photos for $1.99. There are currently six additional packs, which can cover almost any interest.

There are eight crayons, and none are black, brown, or white. This means that there are no colors for realistic coloring.

That’s okay for most kids, but if you have a budding artist it may be bothersome. The available colors are purple, indigo blue, yellow, pink, grass green, sky blue, orange, and mint green. There is also an eraser.

Unlock for Even More image

Toonia Colorbook - Educational Coloring Game for Kids & Toddlers


Pros & Cons


  • Free selection of 24 pages to color
  • Many categories included prior to purchase
  • Color in the lines by default so long as you don’t take your finger off the screen
  • Several additional collections of 24 pages available for purchase of $1.99 each


  • Only eight colors, and main colors are missing

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Toonia Colorbook - Color inside the lines in this Simple & Educational is an iPad and iPhone coloring book app for kids. It is a great tool to keep in your kids folder, as most kids love to color.

I also enjoy coloring as I find it therapeutic, but there is no black, brown, white, or red. This means that many of the pages are hard for older artists to color based solely on color selection.

To a degree, it simplifies the work because they can see every color, and there are no overwhelming colors. Overall, this is a great app for kids and most don’t mind that there aren’t that many color choices.

Toonia Colorbook - Educational Coloring Game for Kids & Toddlers

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