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Military Survival GPS app review: all the tools you need



Anyone who has ever got lost in the forest or in a foreign country can attest to the fact it is one of the most horrifying and scaring situations. Storeboughtmilk LLC has come up with a smart application that is tailored to ensure that you will never get lost when you go hiking outdoor again. Military Survival GPS is an advanced directional app that you can use to find your in any forest or jungle in the world. Some of the most well-known military forces are already using it, a clear proof that it indeed delivers on its promises.

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Military Survival GPS - Land Nav Compass, Tactical MGRS Grid Tool and Altimeter


How Does Military Survival GPS Work

This is no doubt one of the unbeatable navigation apps in the market. The developer was keen to factor in some of the common problems that hikers, hunters, soldiers and even survivalist encounter when walking on various types of terrain. Ideally, the app uses a guided back to set waypoints using an advance compass that generates feedback in real time.

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One of the key attributes that set it apart from other similar apps is that it has ability to display multiple waypoints at the same time using just one compass. All you have to do is follow the compass as your tour guide to get to your destination. The app is programmed to not only show you the way but also the distance between various waypoints.

It is fully compatible with all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. No need to spend money on an expensive backtrack device that you are not sure if it will deliver expected results in particular terrain. In additional, it offers live location status in 16 different forms that are updated every three seconds, hence chances of getting lost are nil.

Special Features That Military Survival GPS Offers

To meet the diverse clients’ needs, this app displays information in various languages such as English, Czech, Portugese, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Romanian and many more. Once you launch it, you will be able to set waypoints and clearly view them on your compass. The waypoints that you set will get larger and more visible on the compass as you get closer to them.

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The advanced Azimuth lock feature will ensure that you never lose an azimuth as you hike or explore the forest. The developers have also gone an extra mile to incorporate an in-built low light illumination for use during the day. You can comfortably adjust the illumination at night by just changing the settings.

It offers three different types of maps namely satellite, hybrid and driving. In addition, it can provide you with details of total distance that you have covered, speed, and altitude.

Special Features That Military Survival GPS Offers image

Military Survival GPS - Land Nav Compass, Tactical MGRS Grid Tool and Altimeter


Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use while outdoors
  • Highly durable as it can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions
  • Advanced compass that works hand in hand with GPS and maps
  • The new version allows one to turn off waypoints that are no longer needed


  • You need to read the manual to get a clear perspective of how it works before going out.

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Military Survival GPS is a reliable app that you can count on to help you find your way no matter the terrain or weather conditions. It is affordable and convenient for all users. 

Military Survival GPS - Land Nav Compass, Tactical MGRS Grid Tool and Altimeter

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