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101+ Atkins Diet Recipes app review: tips, food checker, and more



Atkins Diet is one of the well-known low-carb diets in the world today. The numerous health benefits that it offers is one of the main reasons why most prefer switching to it. However, knowing what to eat and what not to eat while on this diet can be tricky affair especially, if you have no prior experience or information. After an intensive research, Becky Tommervik has managed to come up with a golden app that can help you to know the type of foods that you should eat: 101+ Atkins Diet Recipes.

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101+ Atkins Diet Recipes - Tips, Food Checker, and More


Promote Your Health by Eating Low-Carb Foods

As the name suggests, this app offers more than 100 different recipes that are in line with Atkins Diet. One of the supreme benefits of using this tool is that most of the results it offers can be prepared in minutes using locally available foodstuffs.

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The developer has come up with a very clean and well-organized interface that is quite easy to navigate even if you have never used a nutritional app before. More importantly, you will get to access top expert tips from professional nutritionists about this diet plan at no extra fee.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals in a day. The developer understands this fact too well as evident from the top slot that all recipes ideal for breakfast while on this diet is placed. All you have to do is tap the category to discover hundreds of recipes that can keep you feeling healthy and rejuvenated throughout the day.

To meet the diverse clients’ needs, each recipe has some background information that you can use to know if it suits your health and preferences. Don't worry: if the first proposed recipes do not meet your needs, you can scroll down until you find one that suits you best. 

Snacks screenshot
Snacks screenshot

Best Features of 101+ Atkins Diet Recipes

The main highlight of using this app is that it offers unlimited recipe options to clients. More importantly, the number of calories that each can provide is first evaluated before being listed in the database to ensure that you only get maximum health benefits no matter the recipe your choose.

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Foods that you can take for breakfast are different from those ideal for supper and lunch. This is shown in the well-organized interface. That is, all recipes are categorized in different groups depending on the type of meal and time of the day. 

Breakfast screenshot
Breakfast screenshot

101+ Atkins Diet Recipes - Tips, Food Checker, and More


Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices
  • Ability to mark some of the recipes as your favorite
  • Health tips from expert nutritionists
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • High definition picture to describe each picture


  • Only covers Atkins Diet 

Phase One screenshot
Phase One screenshot

Final Thoughts

101+ Atkins Diet Recipe is a reliable application that can promote your overall health and wellbeing. With over 300 different types of foodstuffs, you will surely get the best meal options. Once you download it, you can start using it instantly without experiencing any glitches. 

101+ Atkins Diet Recipes - Tips, Food Checker, and More

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