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Tate Kids Draw & Play app review: stick stickers to activity sheets and create your own too



Tate Kids Draw & Play is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages kids to make creations with stickers and coloring. There are two activities to choose from and explore.

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Tate Kids Draw & Play


Tate Kids Activity

Tate Kids Draw & Play’s first activity is Tate Kids Activity by James Lambert. Kids can drag the stickers up to the sheet, arrange them however they want, and then click the camera button to save their creation. You can also double-tap the stickers to get them to grow from default to gigantic through a series of double taps. I double-tapped 15 times to see how large it can get, and it wasn’t done growing yet!

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If your child decides that the sticker is now too big, then they can tap and hold to drag it to the trash bin. There isn’t a shrink option, but they can always add the sticker back in. If they want to move it, they can do that by holding the tap.

Noisy Neighbors

Tate Kids Draw & Play’s second activity is Noisy Neighbors by Ruth Green. In this activity, you can add stickers with sounds, but you can also create your own stickers. To test it out I drew a simple stick girl and followed the steps. After drawing, you get to record a sound to go with your creation. Once you apply it to the sticker page, you just tap on the sticker to hear the sound played back. I liked how easy it was to hear the sticker play. You can easily stack up the stickers, and then start the noise playing. It does get loud, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

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I also like that there are stickers already set up with sounds to inspire your child. After they get ideas, they can create whatever sticker they want. There are several colors, they can change the thickness of the pen, and have the full screen to create their stickers.

Tate Kids Draw & Play


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Create fun sticker collage pictures
  • Create your own stickers with sounds
  • Grow images to fit into the scene you’re creating
  • Delete stickers that you no longer want or need


  • You can’t re-shrink the stickers

Final Thoughts

Tate Kids Draw & Play is an iPhone and iPad game that allows you to create your own sticker collages. I really enjoyed creating the scenes, and experimenting with the sticker creation section that included sounds. The kids can create whatever they want, and in the second activity you can even add sounds. It can get loud, but kids love that stuff! Overall, it was fun to play with for a few minutes, but it didn’t keep my girls’ interest for that long. Sticking stickers is fun, but when that’s the main activity, it’s hard for kids to stay interested. The sound does help though.

Tate Kids Draw & Play

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