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GPS Memo app review: finding your way has become easier



GPS Memo is a universal application that saves your location and guides you to your next destinations. As a universal app, it works seamlessly with your iPhone and iPad devices. It is also compatible with iPod touch and requires iOS 5.1 or later versions. This app will help you find your way wherever you are.

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GPS memo


Why You Need GPS Memo

The development of global positioning system has revolutionized the way people use maps. Instead of struggling to plot your locations and destinations, GPS has automated everything for you.

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GPS Memo further enhanced the convenience of using this kind of technology. It offers a cheaper and mobile friendly alternative for you. With this app, you will have your own personalized GPS in the palm of your hands.

GPS Memo offers you the ability to save your current location so you can retrieve it for later use. It doesn’t matter where you are whether in an outdoor camp, a shopping mall, a café, a beach house, or even in your car. All you need to do is to save your location in the app and it will be stored in a list or displayed as map coordinates.

When you open GPS Memo, your current location will be displayed next to the list of destinations that you have saved. The app will show the distance between your location and your next destination. High-resolution maps are also accessible in the app to show you how to get to your destinations.

Useful Features of GPS Memo

GPS Memo is loaded with a lot of features that make your commute less stressful. This app allows you to save any location in your personal list. It will automatically set distances and coordinates as guideposts. The information you save in the app will be displayed as a map to make traveling easier for you.

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GPS Memo offers augmented details of your locations that include exact map coordinates, altitudes, nearby locations, and distances. It measures distances by kilometers, miles, and nautical miles. And with the addition of a compass for your locations, you will surely find your way wherever you want to go.

GPS Memo has a user-friendly interface. The layout is simple and not cluttered. The interface is dominated by a map where your locations are indicated. Your saved locations can be accessed easily with just a few taps on the screen. 

GPS memo


Pros and Cons


  • Shows detailed locations with map and compass
  • Allows quick saving of locations
  • Displays distances between locations
  • Augmented view of current location
  • Offers a list of locations
  • Displays distances in kilometers, miles, and nautical miles
  • Can synchronize with other iOS devices
  • Supports HD resolutions for iPad
  • Offers multi-language support that includes Russian and Japanese characters


  • More location icons are needed

Final Thoughts

GPS Memo offers you a more convenient and cheaper option to use satellite technology to the fullest. This application will help find your way no matter where you want to go. It is the best mobile application for people who are always on the go.


GPS memo

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