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Adaptive SAT app review: prepare for the SAT exam



Is your child currently preparing for the SAT exam and needs a little help? Maybe you're the student looking to ensure you do the best possible on the exam. The Adaptive SAT app for your iPad is a brand-new release that is meant to help students prepare for the SAT exam with the focus on math. What’s great about this app is that it takes an adaptive approach as its name suggests so you can really customize the experience.

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Adaptive SAT - Math


A Customized Study Approach

Preparing for the math section of the SAT exam can be stressful to say the very least especially with so much riding on your scores. The Adaptive SAT app takes a look at the four main math topics which are statistics, geometry, arithmetic, and algebra. Each of these topics has its own assessment test that students will take when they first launch the app. After students finish with the assessment test their performance is then what determines the chapters and the information that will be presented to them. Clearly the areas they need some extra help and attention are what will be focused on.

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Now is the time to download this app as it is being offered at 80% off for a limited time only. There is no need for in-app purchases, no ads, no information is taken from you, it isn't integrated with any social media, and there are no push notifications. Because this is a brand-new release there are no customer comments, a customer rating, or updates.

The app focuses on four math categories
The app focuses on four math categories

The User Experience

The Adaptive SAT app is a wonderful way to brush up on your skills. The app is able to highlight the areas students need extra help in which may be enlightening for them to see where they could use the extra studying. There are plenty of SAT preparation apps available but the fact this one is adaptive is what makes it so effective. It recognizes that everyone’s needs and skills aren’t the same therefore a personalized approach should be taken. The goal of this app is to help you get the highest score possible on the SAT exam.

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The app is constantly being updated with new questions so that it stays up to date and as helpful as possible. As you go through the questions you can save any that you want to go back to and even share them with your friends so they can brush up on their skills as well.

The app adapts to your skills
The app adapts to your skills

Adaptive SAT - Math


Pros and Cons


  • The app takes a unique adaptive approach to helping students
  • Use this app to strengthen your math skills in preparation for the SAT math exam
  • The app is very easy to navigate
  • You’ve got the ability to save questions and share them
  • There are no in-app purchases or ads


  • This app is only available on the iPad
  • The app is available for a limited time only at this price

Adaptive SAT - Math screenshot
Adaptive SAT - Math screenshot

Final Words

The Adaptive SAT app for your iPad makes it possible to brush up on your skills so you can walk away with a fabulous score on the SAT exam.

Adaptive SAT - Math

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