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M&M’S Chocolate Factory app review: the best candies-based game app



M&M’S characters-based game can keep you entertained throughout the day. Alchemy3, one of the most respected mobile application developer has come up with an app, M&M’S Chocolate Factory app, to help you enjoy a spectacular gaming experience from the comfort of your home or office. Since its release into the market, it has generated millions of downloads from all across the globe.

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M&M'S Chocolate Factory


How to Play This Game App

First, it is important to note that this app is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5. Currently, the default language is English but the developer is working hard to incorporate other dialects. Your objective is to guide the M&M’S characters into bags as well as prevent them from falling into the melting chocolate.

The best chocolate apps for iPad

To achieve this goal, you have to use a set of tools such as pipes, pinwheels, elastic bands, and conveyer belts. In addition, you need to set up a special system that will catch and direct the bouncing M&M’S candies round all the obstacles in the factory. Points are generated depending on the number of candies that you successfully direct into the bags. The app is programmed to accurately tally the points and give you an accurate final report. 

Best Features of M&M’S Chocolate Factory

One of the superior features that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market is the six different types of tools. These tools will help you earn more points and master the game within a short period if you use them correctly. To spice up things a little bit more, the developer has come up with 12 different levels and 34 different achievements that will keep you motivated every time you launch it.

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Unlike other similar apps whose pointing tallying system is filled with flaws, this one has a special Pachinko style scoring that is very accurate and precise no matter the number of candies that you direct to the bags per minute or second.

The developer has also worked smart to incorporate a Fame Center Leaderboard that provides users real time statistics as you continue playing. You do not need any prior experience or skills as each category is clearly marked.

The M&M’S Characters is another attribute that makes this game app unique. A distinctive and unique animation technology was used to create the different characters. The main objective of doing this is to ensure that players accurately identify various players. 

M&M'S Chocolate Factory


Pros and Cons


  • Different expert levels that will challenge your skills and knowledge of the game
  • Accurate point tallying system
  • Distinct animated characters that are very easy to identify
  • Great Interface that is very user-friendly
  • Fun moving the candies around obstacles
  • You can post scores on Twitter and Facebook account without leaving the app


  • It is only ideal for people who love playing with M&M’S Characters

Final Thoughts

M&M’S Chocolate Factory is an advanced candies based app game that guarantees to help you relax. 

M&M'S Chocolate Factory

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