Is there anything better than chocolate? If you are a chocolate lover and just can't get enough of this heavenly food, then check out our list of the best chocolate apps for your iPad.



Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes

Price: Free

Maria Parloa and Janet McKenzie Hill have been crafting dessert cookbooks since the time when your mom was probably learning how to bake her first chocolate cake! And really, if there’s only one app on this list to choose, then this would be the app. 


Stuff on a Stick

Price: Free

 It’s a recipe app meant for parties where finger foods are the order of the day! And since it’s written by the staff at, you have to believe that this app is really good!




Chocolate Recipes Free

Price: Free

This recipe app is so comprehensive that it even included drinks and gluten-free desserts in its repertoire. And for a free app, the developers really did an amazing job with this one.




Making Hot Chocolate Spoons – Recipes Included

Price: $2.99

A hot chocolate spoon is probably one of the laziest ways to eat chocolate.  But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to relish every minute of it while doing so! Containing all of the most special recipes from macadamia to chili spoons, show everyone how versatile you are with your chocolate cooking skills!




Chocolate Connoisseur The Magazine For Chocolate Lovers

Price: Free

If you think there’s no room for chocolate in your foodie-snobbish heart, then you haven’t downloaded a single issue of this app yet! It’s more than just a celebration of all things chocolate—this app actually details how to “make chocolate better” by giving you the skinny on the hottest trends, confectionaries, specialty shops, and recipes which will make you feel goo and not guilty.