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150 Years of World History app review: get HD snapshots of past



They say that history defines who we are so it is prudent to guard our past and learn from mistakes. 150 years of World History is a unique app created by Landon Keem with the main goal being empowering people with information on the past. Since its release into the world, it has generated thousands of downloads and positive reviews.

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150 Years of World History - HD Snapshots of the Past


What The App Has to Offer

This is one of the major questions that people ask before downloading the app. The main essence for asking this question is to ensure that they do not end up downloading an app that does not deliver on its promises. Basically, the apps offer HD Snapshots of the past to give users a clear perspective of how the world looked like.

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Unlike other apps, the developers have worked to compile the information and validate it before uploading to ensure that users get accurate information. For instance, the app offers snapshots of how the world transitions during World War 1 and World War 2 in chronological arrangement of events. In fact, most of the pictures were taken by professional photographers and later on edited to ensure that they appear clearly on various screen resolutions.

Despite the fact that most of the information is still fresh in the minds of most people, the pictures will add a sense on what exactly transpired between 1914, 1939, 1945, and 1969. Note that the history is not limited to this period but most of the information is based on the events that occurred at this time.

You will be forgiven to think that all the information in this app is based on war and rivalry that existed between countries. The developers have incorporated a number of development news that are less known by most people. 

What The App Has to Offer image

Best Features of 150 Years of World History

First, it is important to point out the great interface that this app offers to users. You just have to select one of the categories i.e. from 1951-1980 to get accurate details of everything that happened during this period. The good thing about this app is that the images are attached to respective story that they represent.

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People studying history can use the app to hone their skills and increase their knowledge base on world history. As mentioned earlier, the information is first validated before been made available to users hence rest assured that what you will learn is true and it happened.

Currently, English is the default language but soon it will be available in others. 

Best Features of 150 Years of World History image

150 Years of World History - HD Snapshots of the Past


Pros and Cons


  • Gives gold worthy insight on historical events that happened in the world
  • High quality HD snapshots
  • Great interface
  • No Internet access is required unless when you want to contact support team


  • Not all the events that happened and changed the world are represented in this app
  • Some of the images are hard to interpret due to clarity issues

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Final Thoughts

150 Years of World History is an amazing app that will teach you tons of information on history. It is quite easy to operate once you start using it regularly. 

150 Years of World History - HD Snapshots of the Past

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