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Texas Hold’em by Yiihua app review:exciting poker fun



In the last ten or fifteen years, Texas Hold’em poker has become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. There’s a lot of aspiring poker pros out there, so if you want to become good at it you have to practice. An app like Texas Hold’em by Yiihua is a great way to practice your poker skills. Even if you have no aspirations to join the poker world tour, you’ll still find this Texas holdem poker app a lot of fun. It’s a free app, and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Texas Hold'em by Yiihua



One of the most crowded niches in the app store is the poker niche. It’s not easy picking out a winner. There are a lot of poker games that actually allow you to win real money, and there’s a whole lot that are just about having fun. Typically, the best app to learn Texas holdem allows you to play against real people online, even if you’re not playing for real money. Texas Hold’em by Yiihua is in the latter category. You can have a great deal of fun playing against real people, and you never have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. There are also in-app purchases if you want to purchase extra chips.

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I did have a couple of issues with this app. When you first open the app you’re asked if you want to login or continue as a guest. On a couple of occasions this screen froze on me, and I had to restart the app before I could go any further. There’s also a mini slots game you can access from the main board, and when I tried to play this mini game the app froze on me a couple of times as well – this didn’t happen a lot, but enough to be a bit of an irritant.

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Game Play

The app itself is well organized. You’ll notice a little question mark icon in the top left corner which will give you a quick overview of how to play the app, and the game of Texas Hold’em itself. Once you’ve got the basics figured out you can just tap on the x in the right-hand corner to return to the main screen. You’ll notice a couple of icons on the mainboard as well. There’s a settings tab, a friends tab, a profile tab, a leaderboard, and of course the playing table can be accessed from the mainboard as well.

Once you start playing you’ll find the play pretty intuitive. You’ll generally be joining a game in progress, so you’ll have to wait till the hand is complete before you can join in. The game play is smooth and easy to follow. You can even express your personality a little with some cool little emoticons.  You can choose to turn the music and sound effects on or off, but the sound effects are pretty realistic and do add something to the game. What’s a game of poker without the chink of the chips?

Game Play image

Texas Hold'em by Yiihua


Pros & Cons


  • Realistic game play
  • Ability to play against real people online
  • There’s a bonus slots game within the app


  • The app did freeze on a couple of occasions

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Texs Hold’em is one of the most popular online games around, and Texas Hold’em by Yiihua is one of the better versions available in the App Store. Although it did freeze on me occasionally the overall experience was pretty good. It’s definitely worth a try.

Texas Hold'em by Yiihua

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