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MediMath Medical Calculator app review: get all medical calculators on your device



As a medical practitioner, you will need to carry out some mathematical calculations every now and then. Most of them involve complex formulas that have to be followed to the letter lest you give the wrong medications or remedies to your patients. Evan Schoenberg, one of the leading iOS app developers, has come up with an app called MediMath Medical Calculator to help you circumnavigate this hurdle. The default languages are Portuguese, Italian, and English.

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MediMath Medical Calculator


Get all Medical Calculators at your Finger Tips

MediMath Medical Calculator is an innovative app that is tailored to provide you with all essential scoring tools and medical calculators on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. The developers have come up with an intuitive interface that is easy to use no matter your experience or expertise. The fact that it has capacity to provide comprehensive results will save time that you would have spent tabulating all the figures manually.

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Streamlining is one of the major highlights that give this app a higher standing in the market. It will enable you to enter units and values for each item in different calculator without having to tap multiple prompts and screens. All you have to do is click icons to move to the next or previous fields. If you are using an iPad, multiple value choice will pop on your screen when using this feature.

The app has also the ability to give you multiple useful results to help you make informed decisions always. Calculator selection is another feature that you can try out. It enables users to select either quantity or quality depending on the kind of calculations that you intend to carry out.

Best Features of MediMath Medical Calculator App

One of the supreme features of using this app is the 139 scoring devices and calculators. This way, you will never have to purchase a different app to carry out the transactions. You can add formulas that you often use to your favorite lists so that you do not have to search for the formula over and over again. In addition, there is a search feature that you can use to find specific calculators as well recently used list.

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Unlike other apps that magically solve questions without providing any additional information, this one will give you some tips, references, and equations that will help you to understand the questions. You can also use to carry out calculations that are related to sports such as A-a Oxygen Gradient, Absolute Neutrophils, Alvarado Scores, and the list continues.

Despite the fact you can use it to carry out even the most complex calculations, it has an easy interface that is very easy to navigate.

MediMath Medical Calculator


Pros & Cons


  • Wide array of calculators
  • Ability to deliver accurate results
  • Great interface
  • Can be used to carry out medical calculations related to sports
  • No internet access is required


  • Users are not allowed to add calculators or formulas that are not listed in the app

Final Thoughts

MediMath Medical Calculator is an ideal iTunes app that you can use to improve your service delivery. It is quite easy to use as compared to other traditional apps. 

MediMath Medical Calculator

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