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Letters and Dots app review: a fun word puzzle to play in word or color mode



Letters and Dots is an iPhone and iPad word puzzle game that is both colorful and addictive. Connect letters to create the longest word you can, and just keep going.

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A Fun Word Puzzle

If you like word puzzles, then Letters and Dots will be right up your alley. In 20 turns, you have to earn as many points as possible by connecting as many letters as possible. New letters will fall into place so that you can keep on creating words. The longer the word, the more the points, and if the letters you use are all the same color then you will earn bonus points.

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There’s a mode where you can just connect dots of the same color to set up the board for a really long word. I liked this option because sometimes finding enough letters to create a word is difficult. I get overwhelmed staring at a series of letters, and in WordDrop I was able to bring them to the bottom of the screen in whatever order I needed. In Letters and Dots I had to find letters beside each other to create the words.

Word Search Supervised

If you like doing word searches, then Letters and Dots is the perfect game for you. There isn’t a word list to give you hints though, so you will just have to find the words on your own. This made the game more challenging for me, but there are lots of people who love this style of game. I really enjoyed the way they set up the gameplay, and that there were so many vibrant colors.

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In the settings, you can find contact info, music and sound options, and even a color option. If you need pointers on how to play, there are instructions for that as well. You can connect letters on any diagonal, or any straight, but the letters do need to be right beside each other.



Pros & Cons


  • Lots of connect options
  • Connect to form words with the same color for bonus points
  • Connect dots of the same color to clear the board for better words


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Letters and Dots is a fun word puzzle game to play on your iPad or iPhone. All you have to do is connect as many words as possible in 20 moves. If you can’t find a word, then connect the same colored dots to see how many points you can get. I enjoyed trying to play this game, but I’m just not good at word games. For those who love them, I can see how this would be a very fun game, so overall I’d recommend it to those who enjoy a word search puzzle.



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