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Wordrop app review: a word game that allows you to keep on spelling



Wordrop is an iPhone and iPad word game that drops letters starting three at a time to spell words. Little by little you are able to spell larger words.

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A Point-Based Word Game

Wordrop is a point-based word game that allows you to spell whatever word you want. I often have random words pop into my head when playing these games, and then can’t find the letters I need to spell. This game has the option to push the drop arrow to get letters you need faster. Just be careful that you don’t fill up the screen accidentally searching for that coveted letter! Sometimes you need to know when to stop.

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I also appreciate that harder to use letters are counted for more points. X's and Y's for example, give you larger scores, so if you were to spell a word like exactly, then you get both letters with bonus points!

Classic mode or another
Classic mode or another

Earn Bombs

When you start to fill up the screen, eventually there is a bomb in the top left of the screen. Every so often you can blow up all of the letters on the screen, but you also have to remember that this destroys the letters you have in your score keep. This is both a life saver to keep scoring and increasing your levels, and a hindrance when you need more letters to create words.

I enjoy this game because you don’t have to find a place to put the word you see. In Scrabble, which I also enjoy, you have to find a place to cross the word on the screen. In Wordrop, you just select the letters and place them in play, hit the checkmark, and you score!

Spell words from the dropped letters
Spell words from the dropped letters



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play
  • Easier for players than Scrabble because the crossword aspect isn’t there
  • Bomb lifeline


  • Bombs can clear the screen but clear the whole screen so make sure you really need it

When the letters reach the top of the screen you lose
When the letters reach the top of the screen you lose

Final Thoughts

Wordrop is an iPad and iPhone word game that allows you to spell whatever word comes to mind. All you have to do is find the letters! It becomes a word search as well as you go, because you have to be able to find the letters in the huge jumble as the letters pile up. If your screen is getting too full, then you can wait for the bomb to blow up all the letters, but use it wisely because then you won’t have any letters to spell with! I really enjoyed this game, because while I enjoy Scrabble, I often miss the obvious words that could link into the crossword puzzle I’ve created. With Wordrop, you don’t have to link, you just keep spelling words! Overall, I really enjoyed this easy-to-play game with point bonuses and learning built-in.



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