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Stress Management app review: steps to banish stress



We all talk about how stressed we are and we'd all love to be able to remove stress from our lives but how exactly do you go about that? The Stress Management app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with a number of steps that you can follow that can lead to less anxiety, worries, and stress in your life. The app can help you with a bunch of different aspects in your life that are leading you to feel uptight, tense, on edge, pressured, and just generally stressed out.

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Stress Management - Simple Solutions to Lead a Stress-Free Life


Is There Anything New to Add?

The Stress Management app sets out with a very helpful goal and purpose but this app is now five years old, which leads to the question of does it have anything new to add? While the content is basic and easy to get through, the entire experience feels rather dull and the age of this app definitely shows especially when there are so many other fabulous options available in this exact category. The fact that this one isn't free to download and use is yet another tick in the box of negatives as there really isn't anything that unique and innovative about its user interface or the content.

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As mentioned this app was released five years ago and since that point there haven't been any updates. There are no customer comments or a user rating it seems as though this one is just slipping by totally unnoticed, which really isn't a surprise.

The content doesn't feel new or unique
The content doesn't feel new or unique

Features of the App

When it comes to features, the Stress Management app isn't big on them. The app acts as a guide that discusses what stress is, the effects of stress, the causes of it, the warning signs, what a panic attack is, and some techniques and approaches to dealing with it. Although interesting there is nothing here that is ground-breaking or new information and you can easily access it all on your own with a little bit of research for free. The emphasis of this app is with the techniques and solutions to dealing with stress and again it's stuff that you probably already know or can find out with little effort on your part.

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The user interface is less than impressive and although you can navigate through it easy and quickly it’s just such a bland experience that you likely wouldn’t find yourself coming back anytime soon. It seems like this app could do with plenty of updates to the look, content, and features of the offering.

The overall experience lacks in interest
The overall experience lacks in interest

Stress Management - Simple Solutions to Lead a Stress-Free Life


Pros and Cons


  • The app is fast and simple to navigate
  • The content is easy to read and get through
  • It can be applied to all different types of stress in your life


  • The content isn’t anything new or unique
  • There are no added tools or features that make the app stand out and pop
  • Everything about this offering feels tired and old

Final Words

The Stress Management app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to help users learn about and learn to deal with stress in their lives but instead this app leaves the user wanting more as it just doesn’t cut it.


Stress Management - Simple Solutions to Lead a Stress-Free Life

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