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Flywheel app review: getting a cab ride is just a tap away 2021



Flywheel is a new taxi app that gets you a cab from the convenience of your smartphone. The iPhone tax app takes care of everything including finding available taxis, tracking your ride, and automatic cashless payment.

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The good iPhone app for taxis offers safe and convenient rides by partnering with licensed taxi operators and professional drivers. Developed by UpStart Mobile, Flywheel is perfect for your iPhone but it is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

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Flywheel - The Taxi App


How Flywheel Works

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a taxi especially during rush hour. But what if you can get a cab by simply using an app on your smartphone? This is the benefit that you can enjoy from Flywheel, a taxi app that makes your commute a lot more convenient.

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So, how does Flywheel work? To give you a brief background, this app is unlike other applications that follow the ride sharing model. Flywheel’s business model is more reliable and takes into consideration the safety of the riding public.

The app developer has a strong partnership with licensed taxi operators. Through Flywheel, you get professional cab drivers who will take you to your destination without trouble.

If you need a ride, simply load the app to see all available taxi cab nearby. Tap on a cab icon to request a ride from a driver. Once the driver accepts your request, you will see the cab’s estimated time of arrival for pick up.

The app also offers push notification when your ride arrives at the agreed location. At the end of the trip, the driver will plug the final fare to the app and you pay automatically using your credit card.

How Flywheel Works image

Features of Flywheel Taxi App

Flywheel offers an easy-to-use interface with a simplified workflow. The simplicity of the app makes it easier and more convenient for you to find a cab. With just a single tap, you will be able to request a ride from any available taxi affiliated with Flywheel.

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The app offers hundreds of drivers in its roster. Each driver has been handpicked and carefully screened by Flywheel’s partners. So you will surely get a safe ride wherever you want to go.

Flywheel is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sacramento, and San Diego. More cities are slated to be added to the app in the coming days.

The app allows you to make cashless payments using your credit card. You will get your receipt via email and you can contest your billing if you see any discrepancy.

And lastly, the app allows you to rate your driver. Any driver found violating the terms of service of Flywheel will be automatically blacklisted from the system.

Features of Flywheel Taxi App image

Flywheel - The Taxi App


Pros and Cons


  • Offers quick and convenient way to get a cab
  • Available in five major cities
  • Tracking tools
  • Push notification when your ride arrives
  • Offers automatic cashless payments


  • No in-app transaction history

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Flywheel is an impressive taxi app that provides great convenience for commuters. It is very reliable, straightforward, and easy to use. This is a recommended app for the riding public. 

Flywheel - The Taxi App

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