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Word Surgeon app review: sort out the letters to find the phrase



Word Surgeon is an iPhone and iPad educational game in which the player must slide the tiles up and down to fix the disemvoweled phrases. With over 1000 phrases to solve, this app has lots of gameplay to enjoy.

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Word Surgeon


Mix and Match

Word Surgeon is a unique game in which you slide letter tiles up or down to sort out the two words of each phrase. When all of the consonants are aligned correctly, the vowels will pop up on their own to sort out the 1000 phrases for you to discern.

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I tried out the game, but letter shuffles are not my strong suit. As the description suggests, if you keep shuffling the letters around, you will eventually get the puzzle. If you’ve been shuffling for a few minutes and have reached frustration level, then there is a skip button to get out of that stuck position. I hate giving up, but sometimes to save sanity, you have to skip the puzzle.

Watch Your Progress

Word Surgeon allows you to track your solve time and average solve time. I’m a pretty quick switcher even if I can’t get the darn problem solved, so my solve times were between 47 seconds and a minute usually. I only did three puzzles though so that may or may not have come down. In all likelihood as the puzzles are going to get more difficult as they go by my time would increase.

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If, however, timers make you nervous or you just plain don’t want to see it then turn it off. I like that I can shut it down if I don’t want to see it, because sometimes when I’m having trouble with a puzzle, watching the timer go up and up can be bothersome for sure.

As far as gameplay goes, you are given a line of letters and you have to shuffle them above or below the line, a little like a fraction. Sort out the letters, and the vowels will appear in their spots! Imagining the vowels is a big problem for me, but if you are good at playing along with Wheel of Fortune and similar games then you’ll love this app.

Word Surgeon


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • A great puzzle game to sort out consonants and let the vowels fall into place
  • Timer or no timer, your choice
  • Skip if you need to
  • Track your solve time if you like timers


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Word Surgeon is an iPhone and iPad game that makes you solve for the phrases. If you love word puzzles, then this is a game for you. Use it for fun or as a companion to your teaching. I love to use apps to help kids learn in a fun way, and this one is great for older kids. It’d be a bit too tricky for younger kids, but about Grade Six and up would benefit from the app and it’ll help them to strengthen their word skills.


Word Surgeon

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