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ESPN Fantasy Baseball app review: providing hours of exciting game time for hardcore baseball fans



The ESPN Fantasy Baseball is one of the most popular game apps in the App Store. It gives you the chance to become a top manager of real baseball clubs. You can lead your team to the championships by expertly managing your roster, trading and dropping players, analyzing game stats, and many more. It is a very engaging fantasy game that will keep you occupied for the entire season. Developed by ESPN Sports, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Let's take a look to see if it's one of the best fantasy sports apps for fantasy baseball fanatics. 

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ESPN Fantasy Baseball


Experience Real-Life Team Management

The spring season signals the start of baseball season. For sports gamers who particularly love baseball, it is also the best time to start their career as a major league fantasy baseball manager.

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At its core, ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball app allows sports fans to manage a virtual team composed of real life players. What makes this app unique is its rich attention to detail and the depth of stats that enable each fantasy manager to form the best roster in the league.

The app offers up to date statistics and information so you can make good decisions during the draft. Real life baseball analysts and commentators offer deeper insights to help you form a team. As the season starts, you will be able to manage a full roster all the way to the championships.

Fantasy Baseball allows you to manage multiple teams across different leagues. This means you will have plenty of time enjoying this game because each team requires your full attention. The app allows you to follow real-time match-ups and you can add or fire players during the season. 

Experience Real-Life Team Management  image

Features of ESPN Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball offers a full-featured Team Management dashboard where you can select your starting players and pick second round bench players. From this section, you are also allowed to manage your trades by rejecting or accepting the offers of other team managers. In the middle of the season, you can add players or drop anyone who is performing below your expectations.

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The app offers a FantasyCast feature that allows you to view real time stats and live scores. It gives good insights for every game and allows you to monitor your matchups.

Another exciting feature of Fantasy Baseball is the live analysis of ESPN’s fantasy experts. There are news and commentaries from imaginary baseball experts including tweets and videos. This feature gives you a richer gaming experience so you can fully enjoy the game.

Other extra features of the app include Spring Training Notes, fantasy news cast and analysis with videos, Rookie reports, and scouting reports on promising players. 

Features of ESPN Fantasy Baseball  image

ESPN Fantasy Baseball


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a rich Team Management dashboard
  • Allows full capability to manage multiple teams
  • Live stats and analysis
  • Offers tools for scouting players, trainings, and rookie monitoring
  • Push notification for game updates.


  • Past teams from previous seasons not supported

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

ESPN Fantasy Baseball is the ultimate gaming platform for avid baseball fans. It offers everything you need to efficiently manage your teams. This is a highly recommended app for serious and casual gamers who love managing baseball teams. 

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ESPN Fantasy Baseball

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