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Modern Interior Designs app review: providing inspiration for the modern home designers



Modern Interior Designs is a catalog app created for homeowners and professional interior designers. This app offers hundreds of photos of modern homes with contemporary design elements. You can use it to get inspiration for your next home redesign project. Created by Shaman Machine, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Modern Interior Designs: Ideas & Inspiration, Room Photos & Concept


A Rich Catalog of Modern Home Designs

Do you want a new modern look for your home? Are you planning a home redesign project and you are looking for an application that gives you the right inspiration? Modern Home Designs is the perfect app for you.

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Modern Home Designs offers hundreds of design ideas for every homeowner. It is a digital catalog containing some of the best photos of the latest contemporary interior designs.

No matter what type of modern designs you want, the app will surely have something for you. Almost all sub-genres of modern interior designing are well represented in this app.

So if you want an uncluttered clean look for your home, you can view several examples of modern minimalist designs available in the app. These homes feature lots of open floor spaces, subdued colors, simple adornments, and clean-lined architecture. The app allows you to discover the best contemporary home interiors that feature spacious walls, lined ceilings, clean floor spaces, and unique design elements.

Modern Interior Designs offers a rich collection of design ideas for any room in your house. It has photos of modern living rooms with raised furniture. Photos of modern kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, sitting rooms, and dining rooms are also available in the app.

Features of Modern Interior Designs

Modern Interior Designs offers more than 600 photos of the latest contemporary homes and modern interior designs. Different sub-genres of modern homes are available in the app including minimalist, modern retro, urban contemporary, clear lined interiors, and many more. The latest version of this app adds 200 new designs to the catalog.

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The app allows you to bookmark and save all your favorite design ideas. If you love a particular home design, simply mark it as a favorite and it will be automatically saved in the app. You can easily access your favorite designs by opening the Favorite menu.

Modern Interior Designs plays jazz music while you are viewing photos. This is one of the best new features of the app. The soothing jazz music gives more life to your design catalog.

The app offers an easy-to-use interface for trouble-free photo browsing. It supports screen slide, photo zoom-in, pinch, and slideshows. You can take a closer look at far away objects by using the zoom-in function of the app.

And lastly, this application allows you to share your favorite designs to your friends via email. It has a built-in email tool that integrates with your device’s native email application.

Modern Interior Designs: Ideas & Inspiration, Room Photos & Concept


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 600 modern home designs
  • High-resolution photos
  • Jazz music plays in the background
  • Supports email within the app
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to use


  • Requires an Internet connection

Final Thoughts

Modern Interior Designs offers a rich collection of design ideas for modern homes. This is a good catalog app for all homeowners and professional interior decorators.

Modern Interior Designs: Ideas & Inspiration, Room Photos & Concept

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