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Glooze app review: time for shape-matching



While matching up shapes may sound like a game for kids we've come across an app that asks you to do just that, but this game is challenging enough for adults. The Glooze app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will have players matching shapes that have been generated by the computer. This is of course a wonderful test of your memory but also requires you to use strategy and visual recognition. It can be played as a casual game or you can spend hours trying to out-do your best score.

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Randomly Generated Puzzles

One thing that stands out about the Glooze app is the fact you won’t be playing the same game over and over because the shapes are actually randomly generated by the computer, giving you constant variety. You can work on building your memory and visual recognition skills while you swipe the screen to move all the shapes around. Each move you make will give you another shape. Matching shapes that are adjacent to each other will bond together to create big points, scoring higher-level shapes. You can keep playing as long as there are free spaces. As soon as those free spaces fill up then it's game over as you won’t be able to make any moves.

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The game is free to play but you can make an in-app purchase of $1.99. This one requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and has just been updated. Its update addressed some small issues and bugs, gives a smoother launching process, and the themes were approved upon and added to. The game doesn’t yet have a customer rating or customer comments.

The game offers users a beautiful visual experience
The game offers users a beautiful visual experience

Beautiful and Mesmerizing

The graphics in the Glooze app really stand out as they are artistic, beautiful, and they are mesmerizing. You've got a few different game modes to choose from which are multiplayer mode where you are in a race against other worldwide players, there is timed mode where you are obviously trying to beat the clock, and standard mode offers players a more hypnotic and relaxed experience. The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards so you can check out where you stand in the stats.

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The variety of themes is a really fun and rather unexpected element to this game. You've got a handful to start with and there are 16 extra ones available. The theme you choose changes up the look and feel of the game.

Pick a theme that matches your mood
Pick a theme that matches your mood



Pros and Cons


  • There are a variety of game modes
  • The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards
  • This app is challenging and fun yet also offers a beautiful visual experience
  • The game can be played by all ages
  • Choose what theme you want to use


  • Not all content is offered for free

Glooze screenshot
Glooze screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Glooze app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a wonderfully beautiful and addictive game that you can either sit back and relax with or challenge yourself to a timed battle.


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