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Dictator: Outbreak app review: order the fashion of the day for millions of people



Some of the games people download on their devices are usually a vivid image of what happens in real life. This is in terms of the strategy players have to execute in games such as car race and sporting games. Dictator: Outbreak is another ideal case in point. A gamer has to play the role of a dictatorial leader of a fledgling democratic republic.  He has to stop traitorous enemies and extol true and loyal citizens. The default language is English. This intriguing game owes its creation to Tigrido. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Dictator: Outbreak


Tips to rule as dictator for a long time

Exercising dictatorship authority over a country is not always as easy as it seems. A dictatorial leader is bound to encounter an array of challenges. To overcome these challenges while playing Dictator: Outbreak, here are a few tips that may come in handy.

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Try to foresee the outcome of the resolutions you make. Basically, the decisions you make concerning the matter that is at hand will have a great influence on your popularity amongst those you exercise your power on. In some cases, your popularity will increase by 2 or more while some will only decrease one category. It is easy to determine which particular category will earn you a star and use it to your own advantage. For instance, you can use it to ensure that there is safety in all of the factions.

Another tip is to ensure that you get one category to above 10 stars. This is the peak trick of Dictator: Outbreak game. Each extra star that you get to over 10 stars earns you an extra 20k per turn. Hence if you continually have 15 stars in a single category, you typically set yourself for a nonstop game.

A revolution is inevitable. The resolutions you make will eventually lead to a revolt. The best thing is to opt for the violent decision as it will bar the revolting category for at least three turns. By this time, you will have adequate turns to get your lower category in check.

Best features of Dictator: Outbreak

The app, Dictator: Outbreak has been equipped with new graphics, effects and sounds. This lets users to alter the graphics and effects as they play to suit their preferences.

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To make the game more interesting, the app now has two new events: Attempt and Demonstration. The dictatorial leader uses his immeasurable power to melt punishment on treacherous enemies that try to organize revolts in the territory.

There are over 200 decisions that a player is obliged to make. This keeps a player engaged and entertained playing the game for hours on end. There are also new quests. For individuals who are new to this app, there are new tutorials that provide detailed instructions on how to use the app.

Dictator: Outbreak


Pros and Cons


  • Has a user interface that is easy to navigate
  • Equipped with new events that make the game more interesting
  • Has a tutorial to guide new beginners


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Dictator Outbreak is a remarkably fun game to keep you engaged when you are idle.

Dictator: Outbreak

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