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STX app review: salon management made easier



This app is simply the most groundbreaking salon management technology that has ever been developed. STX is always evolving its unique brands of software to benefit salons, spas, and their guests. STX is the first high-definition application for salon and spa management that lets you perform a variety of management functions right at your chair or on the go. No matter where you are in the world, the complete status of your salon or spa will be at your fingertips with the STX app developed by Salon Transcripts, Inc. for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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How to Use STX app

STX is used by thousands of people around the globe and it maximizes your productivity and streamlines your operations, giving you more control over your business. You can use it to do daily tasks using its intuitive monthly analysis. The STX can improve your business in dozens of ways that you could have never imagined. It streamlines guest scheduling to your salon for the services, improves employee scheduling tasks as you maximize on their productivity, helps you set and monitor goals such as financial objectives to be achieved before a set time frame, simplifies payroll for you when paying your employees’ salaries , tracks down service and retail sales currently on the market, allows you to cut down on waste by effectively managing your inventory, offers you a platform for guest marketing capabilities, the app measures your returns, and so much more.

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Whether you’re an independent operator, large business or somewhere in between, STX lets you simplify your business management so that you can focus on maximizing on your salons productivity without compromising on making your guests and client’s look and feel their best.

Best Features of STX app

This exciting app comes with a beautiful and easy-to-read dashboard that lets you view your important key performance and indicators at a glance. The app is completely customizable to your preferences as you can adjust its settings to suite your taste. STX is the most sophisticated app ever invented for management purposes, with its intriguing Appointment Book that streamlines your operations by maximizing your human and capital resources. Running your business errands is made easy. This app allows you to minimize waste and maximize profit turnover with its exquisite comprehensive inventory management tools. The cutting technology piece of marvel allows you to gain new revenue with customized, targeted email marketing available with its online service feature. The Billboard monitors included in this app assists you to set goals and keep everyone on your target on their toes. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Improves on efficiency
  • Makes your management work easy
  • Assists monitor financial transactions
  • Helps you keep in touch with clients through appointments


  • This application requires a purchased STX desktop installation

Final Thoughts

With all these exquisite features of STX built into this app, your team can be more efficient, more informed, and more profitable. You'll love what STX can do for you.



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