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First Grade Learning Games app review: using games for fun 2021



There's no reason that fun can't be combined with learning and education which is exactly what the First Grade Learning Games app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone sets out to prove.

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This kids learning app has been developed specifically for kids ages six through eight who are in the process of learning all the basics of first grade.

There is no question about it, first grade can be tricky for many kids so why not provide them with a little added help that is delivered in an engaging and entertaining way like what's found in this learning games app for kids.

Keep reading our First Grade Learning app review to get more details about the features found in this iPhone app for educational games. 

First Grade Learning Games


Appealing to Kids

When delivering a lesson to kids one of the best ways to ensure the lesson is not only understood but also enjoyed is to deliver it in a way that is appealing to them.

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The First Grade Learning Games app strives to do just that by offering a variety of mini games, 10 to be exact, that focus on various subjects that are taught in first grade. Kids will learn about fractions, math, reading, compound words, spelling, and contractions.

You may even want to start them with these lessons before they actually begin first grade to act as an introduction. The app can then be used throughout their school year to reinforce content being taught by their teacher.

The app is free to download and from there you can unlock the full content for $2.99. 

Appealing to Kids image

Launching the Fun

It's time to launch the fun with the First Grade Learning Games app. In the free version users will have access to three of the 10 games, the rest can be unlocked with the in-app purchase.

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The games are all meant to coincide with the curriculum that is taught in first grade and features animations, bright images, voice narration, engaging music, and sounds that will capture the attention of kids.

The games featured are Word Bingo, Patterns, Compound Words, Ordering, Addition and Subtraction, Spelling, Contractions, Verbs/Nouns/Adjectives, Advanced Counting, and Fractions.

Because the app has been made for kids you'll find its kid-friendly where the game controls are concerned. They will be able to navigate and use the app on their own without issue.

Launching the Fun image

First Grade Learning Games


Pros and Cons


  • The app is kid-friendly allowing them to use it on their own
  • There are a variety of mini games that explore all aspects of first grade subjects
  • The app features bright and colorful graphics and engaging sounds and music
  • You are given three mini-games for free


  • Additional games/content will need to be unlocked with an in-app purchase
  • This one hasn't been updated in quite some time now

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The First Grade Learning Games app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to help kids with a variety of topics they learn in first grade through the use of engaging and fun games.

First Grade Learning Games

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