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Moo for Kids app review: interactive learning made fun



Calling all parents of kids ages two through five: we've come across an educational interactive adventure that they may enjoy. The Moo for Kids app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and has been created to be kid-friendly and engaging. Kids will be treated to adorable animations that will be teaching them a variety of things through learning and guessing. This is an ideal option when you're sitting in a waiting room trying to keep kids entertained, on road trips, and just on rainy days when you're stuck inside.

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Moo for Kids


Get Kids Interested in Learning

It can be hard to capture the attention of kids and then hold it long enough to offer a learning experience so that's where the Moo for Kids app comes in. This is an interactive educational app that is filled with fun and cute characters. It has been made specifically for kids ages two through five and features two separate areas. There is the guessing section and the learning section of the app. While kids can certainly explore this app on their own they will likely gain even more from the experience when mom and dad work with them.

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The app is an older one that hasn't been updated in almost three years now. At that time there were a few bug fixes, the animals were animated, and the iPad version of the app became free to use. You'll need iOS 3.0 or later to use this one and it doesn't have a customer rating or comments. This one seems to be flying under the radar.

Enjoy the cute and lovable characters
Enjoy the cute and lovable characters

Two Areas of the App

As mentioned the Moo for Kids app has been divided into two separate sections which are the learning and guessing parts. Both are equally as important in the experience. While exploring the learning section kids will be able to browse through the variety of animals and then touch them. By touching them they will be able to hear the sound that each one makes.

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In the guessing section of the app they will be shown three different animals and then hear a sound. They need to guess what animal it is that makes the sound. When they get the answer correct they will be able to enjoy a cute little animated performance from the animal. While the app is clearly fun for them it also works on a number of skills such as hand-eye coordination, associative thinking, identifying sounds, and more.

The app is divided into two key sections
The app is divided into two key sections

Moo for Kids


Pros and Cons


  • The app is meant for kids ages two through five
  • The user interface is kid-friendly, lively, and welcoming
  • Kids will be able to work on learning and guessing
  • The app helps to improve a variety of skills
  • There are plenty of cute animations


  • This app is in need of some refreshing, there hasn’t been in update in almost three years
  • The content feels a bit lacking
  • There is nothing that stands out as unique

Final Words

The Moo for Kids app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives kids an engaging way to learn about a variety of animals and the sounds they make. It would be great to see this app built upon even further.

Moo for Kids

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