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Randomly app review: select students randomly



Randomly - Random Student Selector is an iPad and iPhone app that will help you to select a student completely randomly rather than being accused of skewing the results. You can select to allow repeated names or you can set up a one pass so that all are called before repeating a name.

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Randomly - Randomly call on your students.


Play Fair

Randomly was designed specifically for teacher and professors. It was created so that educators could enter their students into individual classes, and then they can use the Random Name Selector to randomly call on a student. That student can then present their assignment, take the attendance, or whatever else you need to call for.

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One problem I’ve had with other apps like this is that I would get it all set up, and then the app would call the same student repeatedly. It wasn’t programmed to allow me to go through the class list before repeating. In this way, it wasn’t truly fair, but with Randomly, you can set the one pass feature and then the app will cycle through the class list before recalling students. This is a big deal.

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Generate Groups

Another useful feature of Randomly is that you can use it to randomly generate groups. If you’re having trouble creating different groups again, then you can get help with this great app. Creating groups is not the easiest job, and this only gets more difficult as students age. For example, in grade one, you can generally trust them to form their own groups, then you mingle to make sure they’re on task. By Grade Four, they’ll pick friends and chat the work time away, and this continues on through college. Fortunately, if you’ve got this great app set up, then from grade four up you can get base groups prepared, and then separate chatterboxes or those who just plain don’t get along as necessary. It gives you a great start though.

Generate Groups image

Randomly - Randomly call on your students.


Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive at $0.99
  • One pass to go through class before repeating
  • Random group generator


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Randomly - Random Student Selector is an iPhone and iPad student selector that is completely random for selecting students for presentation, taking down the attendance, and more. It can also help you generate random student groups even if they do need to be tweaked after you’ve completed the class groups. Finally, you can set more than one class and assign students into those classes, so you can be ready for almost anything! Overall, this is a terrific app and I will be recommending it to all my teacher friends.

Randomly - Randomly call on your students.

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