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iDoceo app review: a teacher's best friend 2021



Attention teachers: if you are looking for an easy, quick, and fun way to keep track of all your student stats then the iDoceo app for teachers app may be what you are looking for.

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This iDoceo app for iPhone works as a grade book, timetable, diary, and even your very own resource manager. It's many tools rolled into one, all of which makes your job a whole lot easier.

Check out our iDoceo app review for more details and to see if it's one of the better teacher apps for iPhone. 

iDoceo - Teacher gradebook


All Your Notes in One Spot

It's not just the students that need to stay organized; teachers also need a way to keep all their notes clearly marked and easy to find. This app gives them an easy and fun way to do just that.

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What's really great is that there is no Internet required to use the app so that teachers can use it any time and any place. It's ideal for inputting details on the fly before you can forget about them.

Set up the app so that you can add information pertaining to individual students, a class, or a semester. The app takes a step away from your typical spreadsheet so it’s visually much more exciting and user-friendly to read.

Teachers have enough to worry about in their day so this app is created to be quick and easy to use when it comes to inputting details, making edits, and viewing information. If it wasn't, teachers just wouldn't have the time to use it. Add pages, rows, and columns any time you like and create a document that works for you.

It’s a very good app, with plenty of features, but the price still feels high.

All Your Notes in One Spot image

From the Mouths of Teachers

It doesn't seem the price is stopping teachers from downloading the app. Not only is it popular but the feedback is generally very good from teachers/users.

They seem to love the amount of features and just how practical this app is to use. Teachers have mentioned using it for pacing, seating arrangements, resources, lessons, students, and class lists.

All of your information can be protected by a password so you can ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. There is a helpful planner you can use for each class that allows you to view it in month, week, or day view. Content can be views in portrait or landscape mode, whichever you prefer.

As an added feature you can import and export data from a CSV or XLS file; you can also export PDF files. You can even use this app to send information to your students by email.

From the Mouths of Teachers image

iDoceo - Teacher gradebook


Pros and Cons


  • A multi-functional tool for teachers
  • Personalize everything within the app
  • The ability to import and export data
  • The ability to secure data with password protection


  • The app is priced a bit high

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The iDoceo app is a full-featured teacher’s assistant that offers all kinds of tools and features that will make your job a lot easier and more organized.

iDoceo - Teacher gradebook

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