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Gumballs app review: test your skills with physics



Not everyone has what it takes to solve a puzzle based on physics but here's your chance to give it a try in this brand new release. The Gumballs app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides players with the match-three style of gameplay mixed with physics. Not only is the gameplay challenging but you're bound to love the theme and characters in this one where you are working to give little Scotty a hand in getting the gumballs he wants.

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Help Scotty and Solve the Puzzles

Your takes is really simple with the Gumballs app, you need to help Scotty get the quarters he has been given by his mom by matching up three. These quarters are what he needs in order to buy his favorite treat - gumballs. The gameplay is very straightforward and easy to understand but mastering this game is a whole other thing. As the developer explains this game has an "evolving game board" so you never have a chance to get too comfortable. The game offers unlimited replays and the replays are never the same, again not allowing the game to feel stagnant or boring.

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This brand new release is free to play and there is a couple of in-app purchases available all priced at $0.99 each. The app is enjoying a perfect five star rating from players who have called it awesome, amazing, and fun. Because it’s still brand new there are no updates at this time.

Enjoy the graphics, sounds, and fun this game offers
Enjoy the graphics, sounds, and fun this game offers

Plenty of Features to Draw You In

The Gumballs app has a whole lot going for it both features wise and fun wise. The game uses touch and drag functionality, fabulous sounds, bright graphics, and physics that perform in a realistic manner. Clear the levels to be rewarded stars but be prepared as the levels get more and more difficult as you go. When you do match three in this game you can earn things such as super balls, jawbreakers, wild balls, and sour balls. The auto-matching is plenty of fun but keep in mind you need to have the gumballs moving fast and hard enough in order for it to work.

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While this one doesn't innovate the whole match-three style of gameplay it certainly offers players a very fun and addictive way to enjoy the classic style of game. There’s no doubt that once you start playing you’ll want to keep coming back to this one.

You won't be mastering this one any time soon
You won't be mastering this one any time soon



Pros and Cons


  • The graphics are fun, vibrant, and crisp
  • The sound effects add a lot to the gameplay
  • Gameplay is easy to understand but very tough to master
  • The app uses touch and drag functionality
  • This one is incredibly addictive and fun


  • This one can get pretty tough pretty fast

Addictive game play
Addictive game play

Final Thoughts

The Gumballs app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users a chance to enjoy some match three style fun combined with some lively and vibrant graphics and plenty of challenges that will have you hooked.



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