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Scores & Video app review: for love of the beautiful game



If you’re a fan of football, or soccer depending on where in the world you live, there are a lot of App Store apps to help you keep up with everything going on with your favorite team and favorite leagues. Some of them are designed to keep track of one team exclusively and others are geared towards providing a more comprehensive experience. Scores & Video falls squarely in the latter group of apps. There is a lot of information in this app but the layout's not the best and there are some functionality issues. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Scores & Video — live soccer scores & news


The Beautiful Game

There’s no doubting the popularity of soccer worldwide. It may not be the number one sport in North America but its popularity is growing every year and with online access to your favorite teams, its popularity will likely continue to grow. Scores & Video attempts to tap into this popularity by providing an app that provides access to scores, tables, and statistics for most major leagues in the world. In this sense it has a lot going for it – there are few apps that allow you to track leagues in 89 different countries!

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Where this app fails is in its presentation. The fonts are small and hard to read and the video list seems to be just a random list of soccer related videos – there’s no way of searching it for your favorite clips or favorite teams. The other glaring omission from this app is the lack of a news feature. If you’re a "footy" fanatic you’ll probably want to keep up on all the latest news and gossip on your favorite team – unfortunately the Video & Scores app is not the place to do it. This app will require 23.3 MB of free space on your IOS device.  

How it Works

Along the bottom of the app you’ll notice five icons to choose from: games, favorites, videos, stats, and settings. The games section will provide access to the latest scores in all the leagues the app allows access to. This is a pretty comprehensive list, so if you’re looking for any score you’ll probably find it here. The favorites section allows you to follow your favorite teams more closely by separating their statistics from the pack.

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In the video section you’ll find a list of some recent soccer related videos but they seem to have been selected at random. Unfortunately, there are no categories so if you’re looking for a specific video you’ll probably be out of look. The stats section is much more comprehensive. In here you’ll find all the stats you’re looking for from the standing of your favorite team to individual player statistics. Overall this is a pretty decent effort.

Scores & Video — live soccer scores & news


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Access to leagues from around the world
  • Able to follow your favorite teams


  • No news section
  • Video section is disorganized
  • Small fonts

Final Words

Scores & Videos is a pretty decent soccer app with access to lots of stats from around the world. Chances are you’ll be able to find and follow your favorite team. There are some issues with this app – most glaringly the lack of a news section but if you’re just interested in basic stats then this app will probably have what you’re looking for.


Scores & Video — live soccer scores & news

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