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Emoji Sports app review: offering the best emojis for sports fans



Emoji Sports offers exclusive sports-themed animated emoticons for the serious sports fans. With dozens of major sports categories from baseball to surfing, the app is a real treasure trove of unique emojis that can give life to your text messages and emails. Developed by Billy Core, you can use this app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Sport Emojis


Show Your True Sports Emotions with Emoji Sports

Emojis are all the rage these days. There are probably hundreds of third-party apps that offer different types of animated and fun emojis. But did you know that you can now have an exclusive collection of emojis designed specifically for sports fanatics? This is Emoji Sports, an app created by a sports fan for his fellow sports enthusiasts.

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Emoji Sports is a premium app in the App Store and you can buy it for only 0.99 cents. The best part about this app is its ease of use. After installation, it automatically integrates with your iOS device so you can use it when you send text messages and iMessages. It also works perfectly with other messaging apps and can be inserted in email messages and chat.

The app makes it easier for you to choose the right emoji for any occasion. It offers a simple category system where hundreds of sports emojis are organized. So if you are sending a message to a friend who is a basketball fan, simply tap the basketball category to find dozens of animated emojis.

You can even mark frequently used emojis as your favorites for easy access. The app automatically saves your favorites in the Favorite folder. 

Best Features of Emoji Sports

Emoji Sports offers 22 categories that include basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, hockey, car racing, and many more. The categories are intuitively organized on the home screen for easier access. All you need to do is to tap a category to get the emoji you need.

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Each category of this app offers at least two dozen animated emojis. By downloading this app, you will have instant access to hundreds of sports-themed emojis.

Emoji Sports is perfect for all occasions. They show different emotions including happy faces, frowning balls, angry sportsmen, falling in love, celebratory moods, and many more. You can even use it to send birthday and anniversary greetings.

One of the best features of Emoji Sports is the bookmark tool. With hundreds of different emojis available for you, it would be quite a hassle to browse the app every time you compose a message. To make things easier, the app allows you to mark any emoji with a star. Starred emojis are automatically saved in the Favorite folder for quick access later. 

Sport Emojis


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers high-quality animated emojis
  • With at least a hundred emojis for all occasions
  • Integrates seamlessly with other apps
  • Supports iMessage


  • No negative review for this app

Final Thoughts

Emoji Sports offers a unique messaging experience for sports fans. It offers a rich collection of sports-themed emojis which can be used for any occasion. If you want to add more life and action to your text messages and emails, then this app is good for you. 


Sport Emojis

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