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UDisc Disc Golf app review: a digital disc golf scorecard packed with extra features



UDisc was originally created as a digital disc golf score card for iOS devices. Over the years, the app has evolved into a full featured disc golf tool that could help improve player performance. It offers downloadable course maps, course creator, graphical stats, and GPS-powered shot measurement tool. Developed by Rega Software, the app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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UDisc+ Disc Golf


Improve Your Game with UDisc Disc Golf App

Disc golf is a growing outdoor sporting event with professional associations in more than 40 countries. The modern standardized version of the sport started in early 1960s and it became a professional event in the '70s. Today, thousands of professional disc golf courses have been developed across North America and Europe.

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One of the best apps that you can use for any golf disc event is UDisc. This app offers a plethora of features that goes beyond the usual scorecards. It is packed with easy to use tools that could help improve your game performance.

UDisc is a premium app with no in-app purchases. This means that all the key features offered by the developer are included in your initial purchase. When you open the app, you can immediately use the built-in scorecard to record your points. Scores are automatically saved in the app so you can quickly review your performance for every game.

Your personal scorecard is the default view offered by UDisc but you can add more players and use the app as a tournament scoreboard. It also allows you to view each player’s scorecard and stats.

As a comprehensive disc golf app, you can use UDisc to find course maps and download accurate course templates. And if you want to improve your throw, you can use the app’s built-in measurement tool with graphical stats to assess your performance per game. 

Best Features of UDisc Disc Golf App

UDisc offers an easy to use digital scorecard to keep track of your points per par and per game. It allows you to create as many scorecards as you need for any number of players. With this feature, you will be able to track not just your scores but the scores of the competition as well.

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One of the best features of the app is the built-in course map directory. The app offers a library of more than 5,500 disc golf courses. It allows you to download additional course maps or you may create your own custom course.

Another excellent feature of the app is the interactive distance calculator that can be pinned directly on your scorecard. It can display distances between holes and can measure the accuracy of your throw with the help of GPS tracking. 

UDisc+ Disc Golf


Pros and Cons


  • Loaded with useful features
  • Offers interactive maps and custom courses
  • With customizable scorecards
  • Uses GPS to measure distance and throw accuracy
  • Offers historical graphs and stats to assess game performance
  • Supports social sharing


  • Needs to support other languages

Final Thoughts

Disc golf players will surely love UDisc. This is the only full-featured disc golf app that goes beyond the usual scorecard and record keeping. It offers advanced features that could help improve your skills and game performance. 


UDisc+ Disc Golf

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