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Endless Tape Measure app review: transform your iPhone into a tape measure



Taking measurements is one of the essential skills that you will need in life. You no longer need to invest in expensive measuring tools. RealityCap has developed an iOS application, called Endless Tape Measure, that you can use to take measurements using your phone or tablet. English is the default language and it is fully compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The clean reputation that it has maintained in the market is clear proof that it delivers on its promises.

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Endless Tape Measure


Transform your Phone into a Digital Tape Measure

Endless Tape Measure is a one-of-a-kind iTunes application that is tailored to redefine the manner in which you take measurements. It has been tested and proven to be effective. The interface is extremely easy to use as compared to the conventional mobile applications.

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There is no limit on the distance that the app can measure. This makes it an ideal replacement for the traditional measuring tapes that have a limit on the length that you can measure. For instance, you can take measurement of an entire football field by just launch the app and walking on the field. Be sure to tap the “Finish” icon to get the results.

Best Features

One of the best features that Endless Tape Measure offers is the ability to take unlimited measurements at any time and in any environment without paying a penny extra. In addition, it is not dependent on Internet or GPS so you can use it in areas with limited Internet connection with ease.

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For future reference, you can save some of the measurements on the app. If you intend to take multiple measurements, be sure to save each file in a different name to avoid confusion.

Most of the conventional measuring mobile applications are programmed to work outdoors only. Fortunately, this application is designed to work perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Hence, home improvement personnel can use the app to take measurements when working indoors as well as on the landscape.

The developer also used the latest RealityCap measurement technology to make the application. Experiments show that this technology is up to 200 times more accurate than GPS. Hence, rest assured that the results you will get are accurate and can be used to make informed decisions.

More importantly, you can take measurements in inches, feet, meters, and yard. The results can also be displayed in two formats; decimal and fraction. If you wish, you can convert the results from metric to imperial and vice versa in seconds.

Endless Tape Measure


Pros and Cons


  • No limit on the distance that it can measure
  • Present results in different cm, ft, yard, meters, and inches
  • No Internet or GPS is required
  • No ads


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Words

Endless Tape Measure is an amazing application that you can use to take measurements more conveniently. It is easy to use and presents results in a format that is easy to understand. 

Endless Tape Measure

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