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AeroWeather Life app review: unlimited access to TAF weather forecasts



When traveling by air it is important to seek information on the weather conditions at your destination to avoid any inconveniences. AeroWeather Life is an advanced mobile application developed by Lakehorn AG that can help you achieve this goal without spending a fortune. This iTunes app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. It is available in a number of default languages namely Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, English, Danish, Bokmal, and Norwegian.

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AeroWeather Lite


Best Source of METAR and TAF Weather Forecasts

AeroWeather Life is a an app that is tailored to furnish you with accurate TAF weather forecasts and METAR weather conditions details on your mobile devices. One of the major aspects that differentiate it from other conventional weather forecasting mobile applications is that it uses the same forecasting resources that pilots and airports use.

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To meet clients’ needs, the app runs on a huge database that is packed with information on thousands of airport weather stations located all across the globe. It would take you days to go scroll through the entire database. To save you time, the developer has added a smart search tab that you can use to locate a particular weather station. It is recommendable to choose a station that is close to your location or the city that you want to visit to get the most accurate forecast.

Best Features

One of the best features of AeroWeather Life is that it has an interactive interface that displays all the information in a clear format. You can decide to view the data in its original format or as fully decoded and understandable text. To get the simplified format click on “Simplified” icon at the bottom of the interface or the “Raw” icon to get the data in its original format. Apart from the weather forecast, you will also get specific details of the station such as pressure altitude, elevation, freezing level, and density altitude.

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The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate special features that enables the app to present the report in either GMT or the station’s local time. This will come in handy as you prepare for your trip. To meet the diverse clients’ needs, the app is programmed to support imperial units. You can switch from one unit to another at any time and in seconds. Be sure to type the correct name of the airport station or its respective ICAO code to get the correct forecast.

Other additional information that you will get from the reports generated by this leading mobile application includes sunrise, sunset, time zone, and daylight saving adjustment.

AeroWeather Lite


Pros and Cons


  • Covers all major airport weather stations in the world
  • Allows users to view data in decoded or raw formats
  • Forecast reports are presented in clear and understandable format


  • You will not be able to know weather conditions of areas that are far from the airport weather stations

Final Thoughts

AeroWeather Life is a great iTunes application that you can use to get accurate weather forecast reports. All information is validated by experts before being made available to users. 


AeroWeather Lite

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