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Saviry - Deals, Freebies, Sales app review: shopping made easy



Shopping can be a daunting and overwhelming task, considering all the varieties of products that shoppers have to choose from. Luckily, tech developers have come up with several apps tailored to make shopping pretty easy. One such app is Saviry which helps shoppers find out the best deals for a range of products from the comfort of their homes. This app was developed by Lanuta LLC. The default language is English. Saviry is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 

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Saviry - Deals, Freebies, Sales - best online shopping


What to expect from Saviry

Shopping has never been made easier. With Saviry - Deals, Freebies, Sales app, a shopper is able to know the best deals for an array of product categories such as clothing, HDTVs, household essentials, and so much more.

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The best thing about Saviry is that it not only notifies you of the newest deals in the market but it also gives you ideas on what kinds of products to go for. With online shopping, you are able to view a wide range of varieties for a single product. This is contrary to offline shopping where you would be forced to make countless trips to different local shops before settling on what product to purchase. 

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Best Features of Saviry app

The key highlight of Saviry is the Deal notifications feature. With the assistance of this feature, you will be notified of new deals in the market as soon as they spring up. The list of deals you get notified about will depend on the keywords you had pre-selected.

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Another amazing feature about Saviry is the vast range of deal categories that it has. Basically, Saviry is beneficial to all kinds of shoppers; be it a wholesale electronic retailer or the average household consumer who shops for groceries on a regular basis.  The categories of deals integrated in this app are: games, DVDs, Music, TVs, Computers, and Cameras, Apple products, Apps, clothing, jewelry, shoes, food, health, home & kitchen, sports, travel, and gift cards, among others.

Top trending deals is another element of the app that makes it amazing for shoppers. This component enables customers to see what other individuals consider to be the finest deals presently. Without doubt, what one person considers being the best deal differs from what another individual thinks of that particular product. If you want your deal to be ranked at the top, you have to constantly vote for it.

What’s more, Saviry lets you add your own deals simply with the click of a button. Friends and other shoppers will be able view your deals, make comments and discuss them. This way, Saviry app gives you a splendid chance to contribute back to the society.

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Saviry - Deals, Freebies, Sales - best online shopping


Pros and Cons


  • Provides shoppers with trending deals in a range of categories
  • Lets users add their own deals
  • Notifies a shopper of the newest deals based on the keywords selection
  • Its interface is user-friendly


  • The default language is English thus shoppers have to well-versed in this language to be able to navigate the app

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Final Thoughts

If you love shopping for your items online, Saviry is one app that can help you a great deal. It will provide you with a list of the latest and trending deals in nearly every category of shopping products.

Saviry - Deals, Freebies, Sales - best online shopping

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