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Tophatter app review: finding you all the bargains and deals 2021



Are you constantly searching around for the very latest and best shopping deals, discounts, and bargains? The Top hatter app can bring you fabulous deals by offering you a live auction house where you can bid on and purchase any item you see. You can shop from home or on the go thanks to this Tophatter auction app.

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Bargain hunting and shopping online is fast, exciting, and fun on this app. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a camera, or even a ring, there’s an endless array of fun products for you to scroll through on Tophatter. 

Check out our Tophatter app review to see why this app is worth downloading and take a look at our best best shopping apps list to see comparable options. 

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts


Unique and Great Bargains

There are a couple of features that makes this app fun and worthwhile. First off you’re obviously going to get some incredible bargains that you wouldn’t be able to find in stores. Then there is the fact that you can find items from around the world, which means you’re not stuck with the same old stuff that everyone else seems to have.

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If you are searching for a gift for that person who seems to have everything, how about checking out items found in other countries instead?

Log into your Tophatter app account and find products you love immediately. Shop on tophatter auction app from anywhere, and get involved in the auction. Bids are free, most items start at $1, you only pay when you win.

Each and every day the auction house is alive with action as it fills from sellers and buyers from all corners of the globe. It's a very fast-paced atmosphere so you'll need to be on your game to ensure you grab the item(s) you want.

There are all kinds of items from clothes, to electronics, to jewelry, and more. Of course whoever places the highest bid wins the auction.

Unique and Great Bargains image


Keep in mind this is one of those apps that is ever-changing because there are always new items being listed. If you’re looking for something in particular you’ll want to check on a regular basis to see if anything matches your needs.

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A helpful feature is the fact that you can browse the items before they go up for auction. If you see something you want to bid on you can set a reminder that will notify you when the auction is about to start.

The app does give you the ability to ask questions and chat directly with the sellers so you know if it's an item you want to bid on.

So how often are auctions happening? All the time. That’s right, there are auctions taking place 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This is the app that literally never sleeps!

Scroll through the upcoming lots to view details on individual items. You will be able to set a reminder, share the item, see the starting bid, see the shipping price, and a description of the item. The whole time you’re in the app browsing, bids are being placed, which you can follow if you want.

Last, but not least, developers provide constant updates that include package upgrades, new libraries, app stabilization and optimization, and fix bugs. 

Ever-Changing image

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts


Pros and Cons


  • A beautiful and fun user interface
  • Bid on items found around the world
  • Auctions happening 24/7
  • Directly ask the seller questions about the item
  • Set reminders on upcoming auctions


  • Things happen pretty quickly so it takes some getting used to

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

For me, the only downfall I can find about the Tophatter app is that I am addicted within just a couple of uses! The app is so fun and simple to use and the prices you can get are incredible.

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

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