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Design Toolkit for Small Business app review: give your business a stunning logo



To create an attractive brand is 50% concept and 50% design. Unfortunately, not all small businesses have the financial capability of hiring a professional web designer to help create a website and brand their enterprises. To solve this problem, Docstoc Inc has developed a smart business app called Design Toolkit for small businesses to help them come up with an alluring designer website. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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Design Toolkit for Small Business


Best Designing Toolkit for Small Businesses

Design Toolkit for small businesses is a dedicated iOS application that will help you edge a notch higher than your competitors by giving you unlimited access to all the tools that you need to make a captivating design for your business.

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Basically, the app has a number of chapters that will take you through the entire design process successfully. The chapters include, Creating Your Brand, Building a Website, Design on a Budget, Special Media and Elements of Quality Design. All the information contained in these chapters is checked by professionals to ensure that is accurate. Hence, rest assured that you will get value for the time that you spend reading the app.

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Best Features

Design Toolkit for small businesses is the only app that you need to create a stunning website for your business. One of the highlights of using this app is that you do not need any special skills or expertise. All you have do is follow the specific instructions provided on how to build a website.

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The various web design concepts are described in a simple language that is utterly easy to understand. Even if you have never created a website, rest assured that this app will educate you on how to do it right. Unlike other apps that results in websites that are not mobile-friendly, this one will provide you with detailed information on how to create smart website that can be accessed from all over the world using both mobile devices and computer.

The developers also worked smart to come up with graphics that they use to describe various concepts. There are also images that will enhance your understanding of the various concepts. Note that you do not have to change screen resolution settings as the images are optimized to work perfect on both iPhone and iPad.

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Design Toolkit for Small Business


Pros and Cons


  • Chapters are described in simple language
  • Graphics and images to help you understand the concepts better
  • No internet connection is required as the information is stored in its database
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Suitable for all types of small businesses


  • The chapters need to be updated regular to encompass the modern techniques of creating websites; oherwise, using traditional methods to design website will only hinder your business from growing to its full potential

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Final Thoughts

Design Toolkit for small businesses is a reliable iOS app that will help you design your own business website from scratch. Take your iPad business to the next level with this app. 

Design Toolkit for Small Business

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