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BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS app review: transform yourself into a super hero



Batman is one of the most famous super heroes as evident from the many sci-fi and comic magazines that have been developed based on him. DC Entertainment has gone a step further to develop a new iOS application called BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS that is tailored to give you a superior gaming experience. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS - A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel


How to Play the Game

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS is a superior app that is tailored to help you relax on weekends. You will be the main character, Batman, and your main role is to make strategic moves and informed decisions in your quest to fight crime in Gotham City. Wrong choices will definitely lower your chances of completing the mission while right choices will allow you to continue. For instance, a wrong decision will force you to restart the game.

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To get the best experience it is recommended to purchase the entire graphic novel fas an in-app purchase. The good thing is that the features in the store are very affordable; in addition, you do not have to change your screen resolution settings as it is optimized for both iPad and iPhone devices. 

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Best Features

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS is no doubt one of the best comic-based iOS games that you can install on your iPhone or iPad to get hours of uninterrupted entertainment if you love thrilling mobile games. One of the best features is the smart graphics that are used to describe the happenings in various scenes. You can move from one scene to another by just swiping the screen.

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The developers worked hard to develop 52 metallic playable Batman skins. Choose one that suits your specific needs and preferences to get the best experience.

There is also an additional injustice Batman playable skin with Batman:Arkham Origins. This skin will introduce you to assassins who have gained global recognition for their spectacular skills. You can use the skin after completing the main story in the challenge maps as well as online.

Your device does not have to be connected to the Internet to play the game; however, it is recommended to check out what other players are saying about the game online to get some insights on how to play it. 

Best Features   image

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS - A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel


Pros and Cons


  • Wide array of Batman skins
  • Superior graphics that are in line with your screen resolution
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Free preview of the entire graphics novel available in the in-app purchase


  • Not possible to compete against friends

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Final Thoughts

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS is an advanced iOS game that you can count on to give you the best gaming experience. The interface displays the Batman graphics perfectly and the controls are very responsive so prior experience or skills are required. Be sure to check out the rules to make the right moves and avoid penalties such as being forced to start the game all over again. 

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS - A DC Comics MultiVerse Graphic Novel

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