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Chess Pro app review: superior Chess engine 2021



Chess is an interactive and engaging game that is designed to not only be entertaining but also enhance the player’s ability to make calculated moves. Mastersoft Mobile Solutions has developed Chess Pro app for iPhone, designed to give users access to advanced chessboards and numerous gaming opportunities.

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It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and considered one of the best chess apps for iPhone by many chess enthusiasts. Check out our Chess Pro app review to see if you think it's the best app to learn chess or to play the game of ultimate skill. 

Chess Pro.


Smart Way of Playing Chess on your Mobile Device

Chess Pro was created using the World’s best Desktop PC chess engine. This engine was ranked 4th in the World Microcomputer Chess Championships, clear proof that it delivers on its promises.

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One of the features that give it a higher cutting edge is that it allows users to compete against a human-like computer opponent.

No need to worry if you have no skills, since the resources that you will find in this app will help you scale up from Novice to Grandmaster level in less than a month depending on the number of times that your plays and your enthusiasm.

It has high-resolution sets that were made by renowned chess designers from various parts of the world. 

Smart Way of Playing Chess on your Mobile Device image

Best Features

One of the best features is the 200MB PLUS New Retina graphics that are fully optimized for iPhone 6 and iPad. This will definitely give you a realistic gaming experience that you will never find in other chess mobile applications in the world today.

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The developers have also added configurable threats and suggestions in training mode to ensure that new players acquire all the skills and knowledge that they require to become expert chess players.

While playing on iPad, you can increase or decrease the side of the board at any time to get a clear view of the board.

To make it even more fun there are a number of additional boards and sets. This means that you do not have to play using the same board all the time. Despite the fact that different boards have varying graphics they have the same functionality and features.

As mentioned earlier, the graphics are optimized for both iPhone and iPad models so you do not have to change your screen resolution. In addition, your device does not have to be connected to the Internet as the boards and sets are stored in the app’s database.

Best Features   image

Chess Pro.


Pros and Cons


  • Wide variety of boards and sets
  • Ability to resize the board while playing using an iPad
  • Retina graphics
  • No advertisements
  • Runs on a modern chess engine
  • Built-in algorithms
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Records scores in real time
  • Provides in-depth statistics to help you know if you are progressing


  • You cannot play against friends through the Internet

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Chess Pro is an advanced iOS application that you can count on to give you hours of Chess experience.

Chess Pro.

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